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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RodRustsGhost, Nov 1, 2007.

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    I posted this thought in another thread, but I really am curious about the question outside the context of that thread.

    It seems to me, that until/Unless something changes radically this week, this is actually the greatest offense in the history of the NFL and it's really impossible for people to wrap their heads around that.

    Rather than running up the score, is it possible that the patriots are holding back? Could they actually be doing the opposite of running up the store?

    For the first couple of weeks people actually blamed the teams they played for being bad.. but the longer it goes, the more you have to wonder...

    At this point, I don't' wonder why they're running up the store, i wonder why they're being so gentle and kind. They leave a lot of points on the board.

    So seriously, perhaps they're not running up the score...they're holding back.

    I keep posting ridiculous scores on the prediction threads... but the thing is, i really don't think they're ridiculous. I think, if the patriots actually come out this week all cylinders firing... it won't be a blowout, it'll be a massacre. I really don't think they've come out all cylinders firing yet. They've been sloppy and not sharp.

    They're just so good, people assume this 'historic run' is them doing well.

    I don't think buy it. I've watched the games. They've let up at the ends of most of the games. They've come out really dull a couple of times as well.

    Seriously... they're not running up the score at all. There is no effyou at all. In the next couple of weeks their defense will finally get on track and stop sucking so much. Watson will come back, perhaps morris, and then.. I think, they'll start to really get good.

    I am not being sarcastic.

    I suspect that the Patriots are a lot better than they've shown.

    I could definitely be wrong on this, and if so, then the Colts will slap us down good. However, I tend to doubt it.
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