Romeo Crennel Outlaws Politics in Browns Locker Room

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    Crennel tries to keep Browns' politics at bay

    "Crennel gathered his players after practice Wednesday and urged them to keep their political views private. With the presidential election less than a month away in a political season gushing with history and hysteria, Crennel doesn't want his players to lose focus on their season or split into camps.
    "Politics are their politics as long as they don't interfere with the team," Crennel said yesterday. "That's my main concern, that they don't get on a soap box in the locker room and get it going back and forth about a particular candidate against another candidate. That's why the ballot is a secret ballot when you go vote."
    Shortly after Crennel spoke to his team, backup quarterback Brady Quinn and tackle Joe Thomas attended a boisterous rally for Republican presidential nominee John McCain in Strongsville, Ohio.
    Last weekend, Browns linebacker Willie McGinest attended an early-voter registration rally in downtown Cleveland sponsored by Democratic nominee Barack Obama. McGinest said he was motivated by Obama to vote for the first time."
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