Report: Gronkowski May Require Back Surgery

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MTM558, May 17, 2013.

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  1. MTM558

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    Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski could require back surgery

    According to USA Today...

    This has been the one issue of Gronk's that I had always been concerned with. Where everyone is talking about the forearm, everyone seems to have forgotten that his biggest knock out of college was the discs in his back. Last year, it was clear his back was bothering him, and this report confirms it.

    Arms can heal, but back injures, especially chronic back injuries, can derail careers. Let's just hope this isn't so much a structural thing as it is just pain management.
  2. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The word "may" was used this certainly is nothing to worry about!

  3. bunuel

    bunuel On the Roster

    It's definitely worth being concerned about.

    MRI on Gronkowski's back took place yesterday, and he'll get a second opinion from back specialist Dr. Robert Watkins. Surgery looks likely.

    On Gronk: Had heard he's battling "chronic" back pain and the Patriots were looking into it. This developments explains it.
  4. Banjo

    Banjo Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Yeah... he's totally not injury prone at all! Everything's fine and dandy! He'll easily be 100% by the start of the season! No problemo!
  5. resdubwhite

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    lets wait here before people have him on IR.
  6. Mix

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    per Adam Schefter

  7. BadMoFo

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    It's always something to worry about, especially if it's chronic. However Adam Schefter is giving us some reassurance.

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 2m

    Rob Gronkowski's back issue considered minor, per source. If he needs surgery it'd be during time frame that he'd be out with arm surgery.
  8. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    hope he is good to go for the start of the season but I would not care if he started on PUP they need him and hernandez for the playoffs, hope they don't bring him back to fast
  9. Christian

    Christian Practice Squad Player

    Yikes...when it rains it pours. Certainly doesn't sound good. At this point, I'd just hope they can get him right once and for all. Don't mind at all if he's going to miss a few weeks of season long as he's back for the second half. Jake Ballard, hope you're ready...and A-Hern...stay healthy for god sakes.
  10. Brady2Moss

    Brady2Moss Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I was kidding and using the exact words of some on here that were acting like lingering infections and multiple broken bones are nothing to worry about.

    Since he "may" need to have an operation in an area that kept him out for a whole season it stands to reason that we shouldn't worry about that either right guys?



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    As long as he withdraws from some of that dumb wrestling crap he was seen doing a few months ago,he might make it to the regular season.

    I hope his wild,crazy party life is nearing its end,he seems to love throwing his body around as much off the football field as on it.
  12. JDot

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  13. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    I'm sure the Patriots took an MRI before forking over all that bonus money.
  14. belichick010405

    belichick010405 Closed Acccount

    LOL......Thank you, I needed that....
  15. Bobs My Uncle

    Bobs My Uncle Supporter Supporter

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    Speaking of injured TE's ..... has there been any update on the health status of Ballard?
  16. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

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    If the report is true--his recovery timeframe coincides with recovery form his arm surgery, and there's little long term concern--then it sounds like they're just taking advantage of downtime to address it now so that they won't have to down the line. Less "when it rains it pours" than "let's just get it all out of the way now".

    That said, I wouldn't blame anyone for wondering if that's just the optimistic spin that they've chosen to put on the situation. Realistically, we just don't really know what this means yet.
  17. Jackson 2

    Jackson 2 Supporter Supporter

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    He died 5/10.
  18. resdubwhite

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    So he'll be spending a few weeks on his back. I hope Bibi Jones doesn't hear about it.
  19. Frezo

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    Isn't she a nurse? I recall seeing her dressed up like one in a vid.


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    They just posted that you can fly with Gronk and Edelman to Las Vegas next week for $40,000

    Betting that will be cancelled
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