Ray Didinger Compares Current Patriots to George Allens Over-The-Hill-Gang.

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    Ray Didinger, a senior producer at NFL Films was asked by felger what old time coach would he compare Belichick to ... Didinger said George Allen.

    Didinger said he especially relates the current Patriots to Allen's Over-The-Hill Gang... cool stuff relating the new to the old ... especially because we all know Belichick loves doing this also. Belichick didn't bring in the old guys like Allen did all at once but the ones he has plugged in are indeed valuable players.

    Allens team: 31 age average
    Patriots team: 27.3 age average

    Anyways, not quite identical but some fun stuff to research on the night before the game.
    Rodney, Bruschi, Vrabel, Thomas, Seau older men playing like kids.

    Here's some info on the Over-The-Hill-Gang.

    Here's another good , rather long link. http://www.redskins.com/news/draftCentralDetail.jsp?id=6032
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