Possible Peyton Manning Trade

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by rblee83, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. rblee83

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    I'm in a 12 team standard league. My WRs are weak but the rest of my team is good. I was offered:
    Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon, Terrelle Pryor, and Bryce Brown
    Peyton Manning, Eddie Royal, Willis McGahee

    I would end up dropping Jerricho Cotchery when the trade goes through.

    The rest of the players on my team are:
    QB - Philip Rivers
    RB 1 - LeSean McCoy
    RB 2 - Reggie Bush
    WR - James Jones
    WR - Roddy White (traded Hakeem Nicks for him after he was injured)
    TE - Jimmy Graham
    FLEX - Eddie Lacy
    D - Browns & Titans D/ST
    BENCH -
    Bernard Pierce
    Pierre Thomas
    Ryan Broyles
    Jericho Cotchery

    My WRs are in panic mode now. Should I give up Manning to have Dez / Gordon instead of doing a smaller trade now and hoping Roddy White / James Jones / another WR will be my starters in the playoffs? The Brown handcuff for McCoy is nice, and I hate to give up Manning, but with Philip Rivers playing so well and getting Pryor as a backup matchup play, I have possibilities. Thoughts?

    I'll answer your questions as well.
  2. jan08

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    That's an easy accept IMO. Dez and Gordon go straight in to your starting lineup and are huge upgrades on what you have. Manning to Rivers is a downgrade sure, but this more than makes up for it. Press accept
  3. ausbacker

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    Interesting proposition. If you feel comfortable with Rivers as your QB, make the trade.
  4. supafly

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    I too lucked out w/ Manning as my QB--with the 6th overall pick. I was wondering if I should try and trade him for a couple of studs myself, but our yahoo league is so insanely QB centric. Interesting to see others with the same conundrum.

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