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    Nice interview with Scott is up on NFL.com front page. Close to the vest as usual but good to hear him speak nonetheless.
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    Nice find, and there were two things that SP said that stood out to:

    1) While discussing the trade of #28, SP said that they had a couple of other offers to consider as well as a couple of other players on the board that they liked, but in the end the SF offer was potentially going to be the best opportunity. Certainly sounds like he thinks there is a good chance that that is a relatively high pick next year.

    2) When asked about the Samuel situation, SP said that while Asante hadn't signed the tender yet but that they hoped he would be with the Pats this season. He said a little later that they really like him and hope that he will be the Pats this season as well. He never mentioned anything about future seasons in either reference. Very telling IMO.
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