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    Another thought came to mind today, we have so much versatility on D... we could have a pretty scary 34 look with Nink being a reserve LB.

    Easley- Wilfork/Siliga- Kelly/Chris Jones
    Jamie Collins - Hightower - Mayo - Chandler Jones/Nink
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    Edit: Just seen that Browner doesn't count on day 1 53 man roster. My bad
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  3. Pats-Phan

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    QB (3) Brady, Garoppolo, Mallett
    RB (4) Ridley, Vereen, White, Develin
    WR (7) Amendola, LaFell, Dobson, Boyce, Thompkins, Edelman, Slater
    TE (2) Hoomanawanui, Gronkowski
    C (3) Connolly, Wendell, Stork
    G (3) Halapio, Kline, Mankins
    T (4) Cannon, Solder, Vollmer, Fleming
    DE (4) Jones, Ninkovich, Buchanan, Smith
    DT (5) Easley, Siliga, Kelly, Wilfork, Jones
    ILB(1) Hightower
    OLB(4) Mayo, Collins, Beauharnais, Anderson
    CB (5) Revis, Dennard, Ryan, Arrington, Swanson
    SS (3) Harmon, Wilson, Chung
    FS (2) Ebner, McCourty
    ST (3) Aiken, Allen, Gostkowski

    Total players: 53
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    Brandon Browner also makes the squab but is suspended the first 4 games
  4. mgteich

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    We agree with minor nitpicks.

    I needed to label so that I could comment. I would note that I think that you have 54 players including Browner, as you should. I only have a 60 man roster at this point. All your players are on my roster. I suspect that we would not disagree much on the 60 having the best shot for the roster. I would add Mallett, Wendell, Houston, Smith, Chung, Aiken, Hull, and Chris White to your list. Unless we sign other players, I would think that this list of 62 (cheating a bit since I wouldn't include Gordon) is a solid list. We may not have a better one for weeks; or someone might be cut tomorrow.

    You lose Mallett and Wendell. You include Williams and Ott. This seems a very reasonable projection. Obviously, anyone can nitpick, but this is a reasonable roster, as strong as any posted.

    You now have 9 DL's. This seems reasonable given the position flexibility of Easley. Personally, I expect Smith or a veteran to make the squad as a DE. More importantly, this roster recognizes that Bequette likely belongs on the Practice Squad.

    It is reasonable to expect that BOTH Wilson and Thomas will beat out Chung. I don't expect this to happen,

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    QB (3) Brady, Mallett, Garoppolo
    RB (4) Ridley, Vereen, White, Develin
    WR (7) Edelman, Amendola, Dobson, Boyce, Thompkins, LaFell, Slater
    TE (3) Gronkowski, Hoomanawanui, Williams
    C (2) Wendell, Stork
    G (4) Mankins, Kline, Connolly, Halapio
    T (4) Solder, Vollmer, Cannon, Fleming
    DE (5) Jones, Ninkovich, Smith, Buchanan, Moore
    DT (5) Wilfork, Kelly, Easley, Siliga, Jones
    ILB(2) Mayo, Hightower
    OLB(2) Collins, Anderson
    CB (5) Revis, Ryan, Arrington, Dennard, Butler
    SS (2) Harmon, Wilson
    FS (2) McCourty, Chung
    ST (3) Gostkowski, Allen, Aiken

    Total players: 53
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    This is just my very rough projection. I think DJ Williams sneaks onto the roster, especially since Gronk will likely not be 100 percent all season. It takes about two years for most players to truly be back after an ACL. They may keep Williams on the squad as insurance, unless he just really blows in camp.

    Butler also sneaks onto the squad based on a lot of early reports that he's making plays in every practice. The word on him is also that he's versatile and can line up all over the defensive backfield. Jemea Thomas is intriguing, but he's not out there right now.

    And my boldest of all . . . Chung. He's really good on ST. So is Ebner, but Chung gives you some S experience in a pinch. We all know what it's like to be forced to play emergency guys. I hope we never have to, but if something happens in the secondary, I'd rather have Chung back there than Ebner.

    Again, this is just a very rough draft. There isn't too much to go on only having had four practices. This is all in good fun.
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    FYI - Ian and I hope to add a salary cap feature to a Pats picker.
  7. BelichickFan

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    I knew this would be a bitch.

    QB (3) Brady, Mallett, Garoppolo
    RB (4) Ridley, Vereen, Develin, White
    WR (7) Amendola, Thompkins, Dobson, Boyce, Edelman, Slater, LaFell
    TE (4) Gronkowski, Jones, Hoomanawanui, Williams
    C (1) Stork
    G (5) Mankins, Halapio, Connolly, Kline, Cannon
    T (3) Vollmer, Solder, Fleming
    DE (5) Jones, Ninkovich, Smith, Moore, Buchanan
    DT (5) Wilfork, Forston, Easley, Siliga, Kelly
    ILB(1) Beauharnais
    OLB(4) Mayo, Hightower, Collins, Anderson
    CB (5) Revis, Browner, Dennard, Arrington, Ryan
    SS (2) Ebner, Wilson
    FS (2) McCourty, Harmon
    ST (2) Aiken, Gostkowski
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