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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by elephant, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. elephant

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    Since the Pats aren't making any moves of their own, us Pats fans are forced to predict the moves they will eventually make. They have plenty of holes to fill and, make no mistake about it, they will address all of them eventually (at least to some extent). Like all but one year I can recall, the Pats are doing nothing in the first week of free agency. But when they do get busy, here's what will unfold... (or who they will consider)...

    Running Back-
    The free agent list is dwindling. I think they will make a trade, much like they did for Corey, to get a younger backup who can eventually take Dillon's place. I can think of two talented and young RB's who don't have a ton of value to their current teams...

    William Green (trade)
    TJ Duckett (trade)
    Steven Davis

    Wide Receiver-
    Lots of work to be done here. We need a possesion type #2 WR to replace Givens; a speedy WR to stretch the field (like Davis); and a few more...

    Prediction: Possesion WR
    Keyshawn Johnson
    Eric Moulds
    Marc Boerigter

    Prediction: Speed WR
    David Patten
    Peerless Price
    Tim Carter
    Antonio Chapman

    Predcition: Others
    Troy Brown
    Tim Dwight
    Josh Reed

    Offensive Line-
    We need to address the RT and RG positions as well as add some depth at tackle.

    Predictions: RT
    Jon Runyan
    Jason Fabini
    Tom Ashworth
    Kenyatta Walker
    Marc Columbo

    Predictions: RG
    Stephen Neal
    (fill internally)
    Barry Stokes
    Rex Tucker

    This is the one spot we don't need to make any moves- except signing Seymour to an extension. We could sign a backup NT but we could also look to the draft.

    There isn't much in the way of 3-4 OLB's. I was hoping they'd sign Fujita but that didn't happen. Now we have long shots like Arrington or Peterson- both of whom would be great but I think are unlikely. I think it's more likely we try to fill the ILB spot again and move Vrabel back outside.

    Predictions: ILB
    Jamie Sharper
    Sam Cowart
    Warrick Holdman
    Sam Cowart

    We have some young talent on the roster but could use a solid vet to fill a spot next to Samuel.

    Predictions: CB
    Ahmed Plummer
    Will Allen
    Andre Dyson
    Renaldo Hill
    Ray Mickens

    Harrison is on his way back but his health is obviously a huge concern. We obvioulsy need to add some bodies here but the question is... do we go for a typical SS type like Harrison or do we go after the smaller cover safeties like we've been drafting? Would we sign someone like Marcus Coleman?

    Predictions: SS
    Tank Williams
    Tebucky Jones
    Deke Cooper
    Scott McGarran

    I guess this is really a list of possibilities as opposed to predictions
  2. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I say me thinks bill and scott are waiting till draft day..
  3. SoonerPatriot

    SoonerPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    In looking at your list it kind of hit home just how many more holes there are now in this team than there were just 2 weeks ago. BB has a SH1T LOAD of work to do. And add kicker to the list because we all know that's coming.
  4. patsox23

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    Tank Williams seems good to me, based on his measurables - height, weight, Madden rating. (I'm only half-joking.)
  5. dryheat44

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    Keep an eye on Brian Finneran WR Atlanta.
  6. mgcolby

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    He already re-signed with Atlanta.
  7. dryheat44

    dryheat44 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    Oh. Hadn't heard. Keep your eye on him anyway. He'll be the one getting killed by Mike Vick.
  8. Mike the Brit

    Mike the Brit Minuteman Target Supporter

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    You mean to fill the holes through the draft? So what's happened to the "don't expect rookies to contribute in their first year" policy? The holes are there now.
  9. MrTibbs

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    He's off the market he resigned days ago. Tom Ashworth is in contract negotiations with the Bucs.
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  10. p8ryts

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    We already have guys on the roster that are as good as most of these guys

    I think we are getting caught up in the woe is me stuff too much. Maybe Runyon or Fabini and maybe Jamie Sharper. Definitely Eric Moulds. The rest of those guys are also rans. They aren't better than what we have.

    We will get a couple players out of the draft.

    I think there is a lot of over reaction here.

    Let's all calm down and have a little confidence in BB/SP.

    Also about Vinatieri, he is STILL ONLY A KICKER.
  11. big mike

    big mike Practice Squad Player

    When has BB ever had that policy? Look at Eugene Wilson, Asante Samuel, Randall Gay, Logan Mankins, Nick Kaczur, and on and on.

    We should be able to get at least 1 LB in the draft that can contribute as a rookie, possibly two. I personally would like Bobby Carpenter (OLB/ILB OSU) in round 1, or possibly Chad Greenway if he falls. There are also a couple of decent ILB prospects, and some DE/OLB guys who could be had later in the draft (round 2 and later). If the Pats have to go to a 4-3 defense for a while, while a rookie learns the ropes, that shouldn't be an issue - the team definitely has the talent on the DL to play a 4-3 for a while.

    As for RB, I see no reason at all to trade for one (unless perhaps we could get a good deal for DOminique Davis). Faulk, Dillon, and Pass all still have at least 1-3 more decent years in them, and can do running back by committee fine if Dillon isn't healthy enough to be a full-time back. Heath Evans is young, and a servicable backup. If a RB is available in the draft who is a good bargain, it would be worth taking him (maybe Joseph Addai in round 2, or Jerrius Norwood in round 3 or 4).

    For WR, it might be nice to bring in a veteran since the draft isn't real deep there, at least for #1 WRs, and it would be nice to be able to focus on LBs in the draft. Taking a sleeper WR later in the draft would be nice though, and there are several. Chad Jackson is my favorite WR in the draft, and he'll likely be there at #21, but I'd prefer an LB there.

    I don't see CB and SS as significant needs right now. Artrell Hawkins, Gus Scott, and James Sanders should be fine at SS if Rodney can't come back.

    At CB, Samuel, Gay, and Hobbes are a good trio, even if Poole isn't back. It would be nice to have a decent 4th CB, and if one isn't found in FA, then they can look to the draft (but not in the first two rounds, as it's not a big priority).

    On the OL, there are many guys in the draft who could be steals on day 2. A veteran RT might be nice, although Kaczur should be fine there.
  12. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Don't forget about Ryan Claridge, who had injury problems last year and was effectively red shirted.
  13. NHPatriot43

    NHPatriot43 Rookie

    I would spend alot of money to get T.O.
  14. CT_Pats_Fan

    CT_Pats_Fan Practice Squad Player

    It's easy to say he's only a kicker when you're used to his clutch kicks and dependability. I remember the Pats losing plenty of games when Missin' Sisson was our kicker. Nobody was shaking it off saying, "he's only a kicker".
  15. Mike the Brit

    Mike the Brit Minuteman Target Supporter

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    Pretty consistently, I should say. Wilson (in place of Milloy), Samuel (though he only played nickel), Gay (in place of Law/Poole) and Kaczur (in place of Light) only played because of injuries/unplanned cuts during the season.

    Of those you mention only Mankins was a starter coming out of camp, IIRC. OK, other rookies (Watson and Graham) were injured during their rookie seasons, but plenty of others, even those drafted high (Warren, Hill, even Wilfork) either did not start or had to share playing time their first season.
  16. NE_PATS_FAN_54

    NE_PATS_FAN_54 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    ahmed plummer is on the 49ers, patten is still on the redskins. i can see fabini, runyan is prob gonna resign with philly. but we dont really need any tackles. gorin, kaczur, light are a solid bunch. i wouldnt even touch stephen davis. will green has too many issues. duckett would take too much to get. an rb to look for is VERNON HAYNES the backup rb from pittsburgh. they have a log jam at rb and he could do something like what heath evens did but on a more consistent basis. i would love tank williams, he'd be a great fit here. hell no on tebucky, been there done that. not sure about cooper, mcgarren. i wouldnt mind andre dyson(but i think it would take a trade, not sure). allen would be a good fit, mickens is too old, hill unproven. for WR, i really like JOSH REED, hes in the givens mold, but a better blocker. hes very underrated. price is no more than a KR, as is chapman. i wouldnt mind keyshawn, bill has a relationship with him i believe. i think jamie sharper might be at the end of the line, but the guy lead the league in tackles 2 years ago.
  17. mgcolby

    mgcolby Woohoo, I'm a VIP!!! Supporter

    Missin Sisson there is a name from the past. His last year didn't we lose something like 6 games by 6 points or less? that was the year we went 6 - 10 before the first playoff year if memory serves me correctly.

    I still can't see giving him 3.5 mil or any number that starts with a 3. 2.5 is what he is worth in this market especially with all of the available kickers. Mare might be available soon, Josh Brown etc. My first choice is Adam, but the money needs to be realistic.
  18. Mainefan

    Mainefan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Ok guys, I've been looking over the available free agents and have found eight that interest me:

    Job Putzier (would be a great replacement for Fauria)
    Julian Peterson
    Jamie Sharper
    De Shea Townsend
    John Runyon
    Jason Fabini
    Mack Strong
    Keshawn Johnson

    What do you think? Which of these guys could help us?
  19. puffyme

    puffyme On the Roster

    No TO

    TO is the anti-patriot. He will never werr blue and silver of Pats. Ever
  20. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Putzier would be okay, though I still like a draft TE. I have concerns for Peterson's price, agent (Postons I believe), and recovery from his achilles injury. Sharper, Runyon, and Fabini are all worth a look. Mack Strong is camp competition for Pass. Keshawn I have mixed feeling about, he is a good receiver, but I can't say I like his behavior as a team mate.

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