Pats/Chargers game of the week

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 20, 2007.

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    watching this now on nfl network..marty yelling "lets kick some ass" .."stay after their ass".. "they got no timeouts !!"
    edit :"we got a 1 pt lead and they aint scoring again"
    and brady's first int to donnie edwards was another pass intended for a ben watson route which continues to worry me
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    Sit Ben. Start Dave. Please.
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    This was originally posted in the "breakdown" of the pats sd game that pats1 has done. Seems like it is more appropriate here though:

    "I was watching a replay of the game. Anyone notice that on almost all the balls thrown to Watson, including the one he caught, it just seemed like they were short or thrown a bit softer.

    Do any of you think that Tom is maybe babying is throws to watson a bit because of the lasers that he threw to him during the season which bounced off Watson's hands or body? Maybe it isn't a conscious effort, but it almost seems that brady wants to guide the ball to him or make sure that he has to stop, catch the ball and secure the ball instead of making watson catch it in stride. Could the fumbles from this season be affecting the chemistry of these two a bit?

    This is obviously not a totally factual based analysis since i haven't gone through all the plays where watson was thrown the ball. Just a sneaky feeling i have that maybe they haven't quite worked out the chemistry between each other yet in the passing game. I hope i'm proven wrong in the next game and hopefully the one after that. Ben could be a huge factor if they work that out."
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    i dont know much about techniques but watson doesnt seem to run crisp routes...he seems to either stop or run a lazy kind of a route probably because he cant adjust to being used a WR's than a tight end in the middle
    i just hope tom stays away from him when he is double teamed and takes advantage of his other players who are open
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    I don't think Watson makes good adjustemnts to the ball. rather than coming back to the ball he will keep going in the same direction, balls that should be in his chest end up at his knees. On the long missed pass at the SD 5, he rounded off the route and ended up deeper. The ball was released before he made his cut.

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