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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by KillEM, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. KillEM

    KillEM Banned

    Dean Pees and Josh McDaniels.

    I think it goes without saying McDaniels is pretty bad.

    But what about Dean Pees? Our defense hasnt looked too stellar with him as coordinator. We get zero pass rush. Not just this game, but even against the 49ers there was only ONE sack the entire game.

    What happened to the Patriots exotic blitzes? You look at other 34 teams like Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Diego... theyre getting after the QB. The Patriots are not.

    Maybe it's time to give a promotion to our secondary coach who is also experienced in the 3-4... Dom Capers
  2. TommyBrady12

    TommyBrady12 In the Starting Line-Up

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    i doubt that with the way our secondary is playing that the team is happy with capers. he was supposed to come in here and patch things up - he has not done that.
  3. Rob0729

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    Actually, I think McDaniels is pretty good. Funny, in one thread it is all Cassel's fault and in the next it is McDaniels fault. Sorry, but I felt he called a lot of the right plays, but the execution wasn't there. The o-line, in particular Koppen were getting blown off the line, and Cassel was off. Funny there are all these threads alive right now pointing out all the big plays that were there if Cassel just was a better QB. If there were a lot of blown big plays by Cassel, that means McDaniels did his job and put the offense in a position to succeed. You haters can't have it both ways.

    Either McDaniels did his job and Cassel failed him or all these big plays that Cassel blew never existed.
  4. KillEM

    KillEM Banned

    Look what he's been given to work with.

    None of our veteran CB's signings from the offseason even made the team.

    Deltha ONeal looked good against KC but has been a weak link ever since then.
  5. KillEM

    KillEM Banned

    I'm not a fan of either Cassel or McDaniels.

    Cassel is just trash. Shouldnt be in the NFL.

    McDaniels - even with Brady last year the play calling was predictable towards the end of the year which is why our PPG fell so drastically. Also very unbalanced as we never established any sort of running game.

    Give a 16 year old kid Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Maroney, 3 Pro Bowl OLinemen... and he'd give you similar results as McDaniels did last year.
  6. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    LOL! Last year's offense other than Brady and Moss were clearly not the most talent offense of all time, but they were the most productive. Match this team up with say the 1993 Cowboys offense where they had 9 Pro Bowlers on offense, and there is little comparison beyond maybe Brady, Moss, and Welker. I doubt just anyone could have done what McDaniels did.

    I'm sorry. The offensive production dropped off because teams figured out how to take Moss out of the game by getting more physical. Also, weather played parts in the Ravens and Jets game. Brady and Moss trying to break the record in the second half of the Dolphins game hurt the production there. Even with Moss being taken out of the game in the playoffs, Brady broke the completion record against Jacksonville and the Pats scored on almost every drive that game. Also against the Chargers, McDaniels second half adjustments beat the Chargers by having a drive that basically took up the entire 4th quarter.

    People talk about predictability, but the Pats were not predictable tonight. They ran a lot of draws out of shotgun and did a decent amount of playaction before the game got out of hand to name some unpredictable play calling. The execution wasn't there tonight. There were receivers open for big plays that Cassel missed or the receiver didn't hold onto the ball. That isn't McDaniels' fault either.
  7. PaulNEPats

    PaulNEPats Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I think it just shows how much influence Brady had on the playcalling, including audibles made at the line. You don't have that with Cassel, and this has helped contribute to our offensive woes. Brady made McD look better than he actually is.
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