Patriots claim Gilbert Pena off waivers from Packers

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady6, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Is he better than Tebow? :D
  3. ExpatPack

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    Pena had a decent TC for the Packers, but the competition on the DL was pretty fierce. Besides Ryan Pickett and B.J. Raji who were pretty much locks, Johnny Jolly played very well after his multi-year suspension as did both CJ Wilson and Mike Daniels. Those 5 guys were clear stand-outs for the interior DL.

    Throw in the Packers' #1 draft pick at DE Datone Jones and then Mike Neal, both outside speed/power rushers, and there wasn't much room for Pena. It was either him or another guy named Josh Boyd, and Boyd played well enough to keep him over Pena.

    Pena might be a decent backup NT for the Pats.
  4. dannydyn

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    Thanks for the background info ExpatPack! :)

    Always good to see other teams' fans chime in and contribute some good info.

  5. mgteich

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    Some of us do indeed get excited about pro day metrics, most don't.\\

    Pena was expected to be a 6th or 7th round choice. He got cut from an excellent line.

    We need a DT badly.

    He may make the team or the Practice Squad (if he wants to play for us instead of GB). He was certainly considered worthy of a tryout. After all, we could have kept White to play on the second half.

  6. VJCPatriot

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    Let the gilbert pena era begin!! lol
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    who is out?
  8. captain stone

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    Why would NFLDraftScout's 479th-ranked player be expected to be a 6th/7th-round choice?
    (ESPN had him ranked even lower than that.)
    Anthony Rashad White would've been a much, much better backup DT if Bill was looking for
    a rookie space-eater to complement the one-gapping disrupter Forston.
  9. captain stone

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    Rookie UDFA OT Brice Schwab.
  10. KontradictioN

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    I think White would have been better too, but I liked what I saw out of Pena at college and he did get cut from a team with a very deep DL.
  11. Brady6

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    He was not actually rated as a 6th to 7th rounder, that was his “high” as in if like a 100 of those 478 players ranked ahead of him decided to jump off a bridge he Pena could end up going in the 6th or 7th round. Sort of like when a doctor gives you a prognoses for 3-6 months to live but follows that up with if with the right treatment you could live a year, it usually ends with you dead within 30 days….
  12. Brady6

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    Thank you for the information.

    The Packers are still running a 34 front correct? I guess I am just curious how a 330 pound guy with poor athletic metrics fits into our defense now, he seems to be the type of player we’ve been trying to move away from.
  13. patchick

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    Cap'n, I get the impression that White hasn't impressed people off the field. Remember that the Steelers released him last year too, after he reportedly showed up hopelessly out of shape.
  14. mgteich

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    Fair enough

    Clearly thought enough of him to have him tryout for the team (and probably play a half) instead of White.

  15. Deus Irae

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    Mr. Pena should probably not start looking at houses just yet.
  16. moosekill

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    Kinda looks like he ate a few houses.
  17. jmt57

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    Here is a good background story on Peña:

    Resilient Gilbert Peña thankful for NFL chance

    Packers rookie defensive tackle Gilbert Peña had reached a point where he was almost maxed out on the adversity he could shoulder. There was his mom's illness, his responsibility as the man of the house, a broken hand, his new daughter and a bad season.

    But he had also developed resiliency.
  18. Oswlek

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    PC, White was waived/injured, so it seems as if NE isn't cutting ties just yet.
  19. PlainOldEd

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    Nice story. I hope he sticks somewhere if not here. Maybe PS potential?
  20. Brady6

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    MG I apologies, I was not implying that you said he was a 6th or 7th round draft pick, I was answering the question for the user who asked about the draft scout website listing him as #479 and also as a 6th or 7th rounder, I was explaining that you do a high, mid, and low range for projected selections.

    I think that anyone who makes it into the NFL at any level is impressive personally, but I do agree for the Patriots to place a waiver claim on him he had to of done something they really liked during his time with GB.

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