P King MMQB 20 reasons Pats won

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    "That leads my cavalcade of 20 small things that helped the Patriots oust the top-seeded Chargers.

    1. Gaffney/Caldwell find a way. In the last two weeks of playoff football, Gaffney and Caldwell have 30 catches for 337 yards and two touchdowns. Indy's Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne: have 16 catches for 180 yards, one TD."

    unbelievable!!! oh I love this team!
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    that stat is unbelievable
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    her was also complimentary of the pats

    "I thought San Diego would win this game by two touchdowns,'' he said from his home a couple of hours after one of the best days of pro football we've ever seen. "Just an unbelievable game. You know what impresses me so much about the Patriots? With all the turnover they've had at wide receiver, the way Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney, guys who were on the street, can function at such a high level with the season on the line, and the chemistry they have with Tom Brady, that's what I respect so much. Because I know how hard it is to get a passing game going.''

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