Over/Under for the Denver vs. NE game is a week high of 48 points

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    While I do think this game will be high scoring, I am surprised that Vegas has this game as the highest over/under game of the week at 48 O/U!

    Since New England has failed to score 20 or more points in 4 of 5 weeks you gotta wonder if they think Cassel will suddenly open the flood gates through the air and enter into a scoring duel? or are they leaning towards Denver unloading offensively and laying the lumber down on the Pats defense and scoring big time?

    I think of the two that they expect Cassel to shy away from the 5 yardouts and go downfield in a defensiveless scoring affair- Then again as is usual they may just be fu(king with the bettors who most will probably go with the under
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    Well, the lines are set to a number that they believe will create equal action on both sides, and not necessarily where they think the result will be. There may be certain preconceptions out there - Denver's defense gives up a ton of points, Denver's pass defense is bad, Denver has a great pass offense, New England's secondary gives up big plays - that they are anticipating a certain amount of people planning on betting the over before they even see what the line is. As the game gets closer the mediots will talk about Randy Moss vs the suspect Denver secondary and Brandon Marshall vs the suspect Pats secondary, which could edge the casual bettor to go with the over too.
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