Our WR (FA) impacts on the Draft

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    With us having signed Stallworth, Welker, and now Washington, teams that were looking for top WR talent will not be forced to address that need in the draft. Teams like New Orleans, Philly, Miami, I'm sure there's many others.

    With all the WR depth in the draft, I think this gives us a chance to land one of our binkies in the draft. For some folks here it's Willis, others Nelson, or whomever you like on defense.

    With a WR run, Defensive talent should sliiiiide down.
    This is great.
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  2. Born_a_Patriot

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    It does look good for us.
  3. Jimke

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    The advantage that the Pats gain by signing these players is

    that we don't have rookie players "in training". Most rookie

    wide receivers are first year busts.
  4. upstater1

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    Depends on what you mean by bust. I tested this out by looking at recent drafts, and I found that approximately 50% (48-52%) of WRs chosen in the first two rounds of the last 3 drafts contributed by catching a decent amount of balls (i.e. 40 and up). The rest were outright busts.

    I really think that drafting a WR is a 50/50 proposition.

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