OT: Maas released from jail after arrest on drug, weapons charges

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    PEORIA, Ill. -- Broadcaster Bill Maas, a former All-Pro lineman, was released from jail Sunday after his arrest on drug possession and weapons charges during a roadside check.

    Maas and passenger Sarah Murphy were released Sunday and ordered to return to court August 21, jail officials said.

    The two were arrested Friday night after authorities stopped Maas' sport utility vehicle along Illinois Route 116. They asked to search the vehicle after Maas appeared nervous, officials said. The search uncovered a .22-caliber revolver, 5 grams of suspected marijuana, 6 grams of suspected cocaine and 28 pills of Ecstasy, police said.


    I guess Fox will have an announcement sometime soon.
  2. Sounds like he was going to do the Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas type bender :D ...

    Looks like he already drank the ether and ingested the high power blotter acid.
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  3. rabthepat

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    Loser...O' wait I shouldn't say that he was probably framed. What comes next, "I take full responsibility and will be seeking treatment for my alcohol problem."
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    I Think it's only fair. If active players are going to get arrested, well, then retired ones should too.
  5. Patsfanin Philly

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    or prepping to do a Bengals game........
  6. Tunescribe

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    No, the woman with him was his cousin. The gun and drugs were hers, she's to blame. :eek:
  7. DarrylS

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    Dan Marino's ex bro in law, so blame him...
  8. unoriginal

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    Fox cut back on his announcing gigs last year, hopefully this will cause the trend to continue.
  9. JoeSixPat

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    Fox: "No Mas Maas!"

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