OT: Jason Garrett offered Ravens' HC job/bringing Cameron/Capers with him?

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    Sources: Ravens offer coaching job to Garrett
    Updated: January 15, 2008, 12:35 PM ET

    Sources told ESPN's Ed Werder that Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has been offered the Baltimore Ravens coaching position.

    Garrett has not made a decision yet.

    The Ravens are seeking a successor for Brian Billick, who was fired after the regular season.

    Garrett, who arrived at the Ravens' training complex for the second interview on Tuesday morning, was the first candidate to have call-back sessions with the Ravens and Falcons.

    Garrett, 41, is a veteran of three seasons as an NFL assistant. He was hired by the Cowboys as offensive coordinator in 2007, after two seasons on the Miami Dolphins' staff. In 2007, he presided over a unit that statistically ranked No. 3 in the league, but struggled in the final month of the year and in Sunday's playoff loss.

    A former Princeton quarterback, Garrett played 12 seasons in the NFL as a backup, serving stints with Dallas (1993-99), the Giants (2000-03), Tampa Bay (2004), and Miami (2004). He also played in the World League (1991) and in the CFL (1991).

    Ed Werder covers the NFL for ESPN.

    January 15, 2008

    Garrett's plan

    1:08 PM Tue, Jan 15, 2008 | Permalink
    Albert Breer E-mail News tips

    According to ESPN's John Clayton, the plan Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has presented the Ravens has former Dolphins assistants Cam Cameron and Dom Capers going with him to Baltimore as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively.

    This is a mixed bag for Dallas. On one end, it means that a staff that figures to be tattered when the smoke clears will not be raided too extensively by the new Baltimore regime. But another side to it is that if Garrett does go to Baltimore, and Tony Sparano to Miami, Cameron likely would've been a prime candidate to become OC in Dallas.

    Cameron was the Chargers offensive coordinator, while Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips served as DC in San Diego from 2004-06. Cameron's connection to Garrett is through Norv Turner. Cameron was the Redskins quarterbacks coach from 1994-96 under Turner and, as such, runs a similar offensive system to Garrett.

    That would probably leave receivers coach Ray Sherman as the top candidate for the offensive coordinator position. Sherman was the Steelers offensive coordinator in 1998, taking over for Chan Gailey there, and the Vikings OC in 1999, where he took the reins from Brian Billick. Sherman resigned after being replaced by Sherman Lewis in Minnesota, and offered a position as receivers coach, after the '99 season.

    Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson could be another candidate. He brings eight years of experience as a position coach, four in Dallas (2000-02, 2007) and three in Chicago (2004-06.)
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    I dunno...I mean, Jones is seemingly obsessed with Garrett. I wouldn't even be surprised if the early playoff exit leads him to rashly fire Phillips to keep Garrett if need be.

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    Garrett should stay with Dallas. Baltimore is a mess.
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