OT: Does Green Bay follow the 2007 Patriots or 2009 Colts?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Looks like Green Bay is going to head to that time of the unbeaten season where you make the decision of playing your starters the rest of the year into the playoffs like the 2007 Patriots and risk injury to a key player just to go 19-0?,or do they sit those starters like the 2009 Colts and play it safe and let the Bears or Lions increase their odds of winning in Lambeau?

    The decision they make will possibly have a direct result of which team between the Bears and Lions gets the #6 seed.

    I really hope we remain the only team to do 16-0...despite the end result weeks later :mad:,it is still something a fan can be proud of.

    If GB does not sit thier starters,I don't see them getting beaten,at least until the divisional playoffs start.
  2. PatsFan24

    PatsFan24 In the Starting Line-Up

    I expect them to go for it.
  3. Tunescribe

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    Of course they're going for the undefeated season. Polian isn't running their show.
  4. MP-Logick

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    I expect them to go for it, and I expect them to reach 16-0.

    As for 19-0, who knows? Anyone can have a bad day. :bricks:
  5. NEPatriot

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    In my opinion, there's no doubt but that they'll go for it. And I think they've got a very good chance of going undefeated. Right now I'd say NO has the best chance of beating them.
  6. MP-Logick

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    I remember watching the season opener between those two teams, and just kept thinking, "There's GOT to be a rematch this year."
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  7. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    Agreed. It's scary. Playing inside would almost be an advantage for GB with their offense.


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    Speaking of your hometown team (or former hometown)....I think the Atlanta Falcons might just be one of those under the radar dangerous teams that can sneak up on GB and beat them when nobody is looking at them as much of a threat.

    I like Matt Ryan as a QB
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  9. ausbacker

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    Green Bay is going undefeated in the regular season. Deal with it.
  10. NEPatriot

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    I was at that game this year. GB toyed with ATL in the first half and then just opened it up. They looked really, really good. While anything can happen, in the NFC I realistically only see NO giving them a run for their money. Interestingly, in the AFC I see Pittsburg as the best match up against GB.
  11. folamzz

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    I say GB does not want to ultimately end up like either team.


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    I think Pitt against GB is the best matchup Roster-To-Roster,but its been quite a long time since the same two teams met in back to back Super Bowls....I think the mid 90s with Buffalo against Dallas was the last time.

    It's not impossible but not likely IMO
  13. juny

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    GB actually has a pair and will go for it. They are pretty close to doing it and espn still hasn't gone super crazy, 24-hr watch on 16-0 like they did for the 07 pats.

    I wouldn't say it is a foregone conclusion for 16-0. Two division games at the end, you never know what happens in those.
  14. fxkane

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    Well, obviously the Packers do not want to face the Giants again--but may very well have to.

    Just as we had to when we narrowly defeated them in the regular season.

    We got to go 18-0 and the Pack may only get to go 17-0.

    Don't you love the beauty of this symmetry. May it happen.

    And then how about a Giant-Pats Superbowl with a new ending.
  15. IndianPat

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    They are going for it. The possibility of them reaching 16-0 is pretty high.
    Unlike the Patriots who were quiet in their quest and unlike Colts who were ordered to lay down their arms, Packers seem to openly embrace their quest for an undefeated season. In recent weeks, Raji, Woodson and Jordy Nelson have talked openly about going for it. Leads me to believe the coaching staff and the management will not be holding back.

    Why should any team hold back, anyway. (Polian not a part of this discussion. He didnt want it. Now he is stuck with a 0-16 team)

    You dont hear much about it on sports stations because its been recently by Pats. (for the same reason Detroits 0-16 garnered more attention than this years winless Colts). Tebowmania is a part of the reason, too.
  16. aurakilla

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    wont the patriots make money if they do

    since they trade marked 19-0 or somthing like that????:bricks:
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