Official kick Adam in the nuts thread

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsWorldChamps, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. PatsWorldChamps

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    Join in...
    Adam... you were a kicker, not a football player... the pats won DESPITE your misses in key games.. you are getting old... you have no distance... you suck, and we hope indy likes you (LOL)... enjoy your extra half million... enjoy the dome, which is the only place your old-@ss leg can make field goals new england hates you... enjoy the midwest
  2. DocAdkinsDiet

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    This was posted in another thread but I'll post it again cause it pertains to nut kicking and I don't have another good rant left in me tonight. Av, you're an outrageous douchenozzle, I hope your leg falls off in a tragic... corn field accident (damn you Indianapolis and your lack of interesting stuff):

    AV, you are more dead to me than... something thats really dead. I'm too pissed to be witty right now. You're known for being the best bad weather kicker in the history of weather. Good idea going to a dome, a**munch. I hope the damn place collapses on you. I hope those jerks that tailgate with a blue fire truck at the Colts games run you over. I hope Tedy Bruschi kicks you in the nuts so hard that you taste nutbutter for a year. I thought you were a Patriot's guy. People kept telling me "Hey ya know AV might not sign this year. He's asking for big bucks." I then proceeded to hit those people with a 2x4 and laugh cause I thought for sure you would settle for the solid gold crapper instead of the bath tub. But no, you took the bath tub and I hate you for it. I hope your happy. Whatever is left of my soul just died thanks to you. Thanks a lot AV. You made Baby Jesus cry.

    You make Johnny Damon look like f***ing Yaz.
  3. PatsWorldChamps

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    sweet... good one... that's a really good one... see ya damon, see ya clemens, see ya boggs, and see ya, ya damn kicker, Vinatieri... was $500,000 worth it? have fun losing with manning... apparently you didnt appreciate playing with a REAL football player, tom brady, the guy who got your rings, you limp-legged kicker. we will cheer your every miss!
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  4. CheerforTom

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    Adkins, I like your style, I have to say! Douchewhistle, Douchenozzle, I've gotta remember these! And to think I've been using plain ol douchebag all these years!

    Oh yeah, and Vinatieri can buy himself a million dollar tissue when Manning waves him off the field then blames the loss on him. After they play the Patriots.

    Then his leg'll fall off like the kicker on the Simpsons, except unlike that guy he WON'T make the kick.

  5. DocAdkinsDiet

    DocAdkinsDiet Practice Squad Player

    Hah I was just gonna say something about the Simpsons. Good call.
  6. 363839

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    I'm not gonna miss his short kickoffs.

    Hey. Just looking at the silver lining.
  7. PatsWorldChamps

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    a loser, undrafted, kicker (LOL, not a real player)... gets offered a record deal? and he jumps? what a joke... everyone in new england should piss on his mothers car.

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