Offensive turnover since 2007 season

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fencer, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Fencer

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    For the second time in 4 seasons, the Pats have put together a truly great offensive regular season.

    And in essence, they've done it with only 5 returning starters:

    Timeshare between Neal and Mankins

    Yes, I know Moss and Faulk played a few games, but we're talking >50% personnel turnover, with near-total turnover in Brady's skill-position weapons.

    Before I go beat some idiot Brady-haters about the head and ears with this -- do I have my facts right?
  2. Sciz

    Sciz Supporter Supporter

    And maybe even more important, a complete flip-flop in philosophy.
  3. Nikolai

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    Sammy Morris is the only one I see missing. But yes, it's truly remarkable that the Pats have both the coaching and talent to pull off this run. In my mind, only the 80s-90s era 49ers have had a more sustained run of excellence.

    EDIT - Sammy wasn't a starter, so if that's your criteron, he wouldn't count.
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  4. jmt57

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    Neal is a bit of a stretch; 8 games in '07 and 8 games in '10.

    Considering how seldom Morris has been on the field other than on special teams this year, I wouldn't include him.

    Mankins has played only 8 games this year, but if you exclude him from your list I'm sure your friends will move the goal posts and the argument will become how the media loves the Pats based on his being voted to the Pro Bowl.

    The problem with arguing with these Brady-haters is that you should never argue with an idiot; they'll drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.

    Actually the real problem with getting in these debates is it just goes round and round in a continuous loop. Usually it goes somewhere long the lines that 'Brady is a system QB, it's all (a) the offensive line, (b) the system, (c) Belichick, (d) the defense, (e) some tin foil conspiracy between Goodell and Kraft, or (f) Ernie Adams hacking into every opponents computer and electronic communication devices'. These folks just jump from one excuse to another until they get to the end, and then start all over again.

    The other thing that happens is if anything complimentary about Brady is said, then it's 'he's nothing without Belichick'. Then as soon as something complimentary is said about Belichick the same people will surely say 'he never won anything without Brady'.
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  5. brdmaverick

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    plus Sammy was a basic non-factor for both seasons being compared

    I think he was on the IR after 5 games in 07 and he hasn't done much this year (except special teams, which isn't being discussed)
  6. brdmaverick

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    Some people would argue that NFL should stand for "Not For Long". I'd be surprised if any offense retained at least 50% of their starting offense from four years ago.

    It's amazing how fast players drop off. I thought it was just running backs, but it's wide receivers as well. I thought Torry Holt was going to be a factor for us this year. And remember Joey Galloway from last year? How about Marvin Harrison, he went from perrennial Pro Bowler to nothing really quickly.

    Please note that I am not saying this to disprove your point, it's still valid. Just a thoughtful side note.
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