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    One HUMBLE Request, Gents: This will take 30 Posts to launch.

    ***PLEASE wait until I've launched them all!! ***

    HUMBLE thanks!! :D

    PS ~ No big deal if someone interrupts. It'd be nice, is all. :D
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    ~ Off The Grid Presents: Worst Draft EVER!! (2011 Version) ~


    This is a Fantasy Mock Draft ~ not a Predictive Mock Draft.

    Grid's Mission Statement ~ Listed By Priority

    1 ~ Restore the D Line to its former Greatness.

    2 ~ Draft Pro Bowl Talent at Offensive Guard.

    3 ~ Draft Pro Bowl Talent at Offensive Tackle.

    4 ~ Bring in Pro Bowl Talent at Defensive Flanker ~ OLB, to you Earthlings.

    5 ~ Rebuild the Back Field.

    6 ~ Exploit our Extraordinary Advantage at the Super Hybrid Tight End roles.

    7 ~ Draft exceptional Talent for the Secondary.

    8 ~ Continue to Deepen our Depth of Talent at all positions.

    Grid's Draft Class Assessment ~ Listed By Priority

    1 ~ Defensive End ~ Serendipity: Our Deep Hunger meets a sumptuous Banquet!!

    2 ~ Offensive Guard ~ All Pro Talent is available, and for the right price!!

    3 ~ Offensive Tackle ~ All Pro Talent is available, and astonishingly cheap!!

    4 ~ Defensive Flanker ~ Elites are too expensive + risky, but 2 steals beckon!!

    5 ~ Back Field ~ A number of exceptional Values are available, this year!!

    6 ~ Tight End Hybrids ~ Some explosive Mid Rounders + tremendous Late Rounders!!

    7 ~ Secondary ~ Some high upside Mid Rounders + Late Rounders!!

    8 ~ Depth of Talent ~ Quarter Back + several other positions offer Opportunity!!

    State of the Patriots

    High Job Security

    Watch Your Back, Jack

    QB Tom Brady
    QB Brian Hoyer

    OC Dan Koppen

    OC Ryan Wendell

    OG Logan Mankins*
    OG Dan Connolly

    OG Nick Kaczur
    OG Rich OhrnBerger

    OT Sebastian Vollmer
    OT Matt Light*

    OT Mark LeVoir
    OT Steve Maneri

    TE Alge Crumpler

    WB Rob Gronkowski

    WE Aaron Hernandez

    HB BenJarvus Green*
    Eric Kettani

    TB Danny WoodHead

    SE Taylor Price

    SR Wes Welker
    SR Julian Edelman

    OF Deion Branch
    OF Brandon Tate


    K Stephen GostKowski
    P Zoltan Mesko
    S Matt Cthulhu

    G Matthew Slater
    T Marques Murrell
    T Sergio Brown


    NT Vince Wilfork
    NT Ron Brace

    NT Myron Pryor
    NT Kyle Love

    UT Mike Wright

    DE Ty Warren
    DE Marcus Stroud
    DE Brandon Deaderick
    DE Darryl Richard
    DE Kade Weston

    DF Jermaine Cunningham
    DF Rob Ninkovich

    DF Tully Cain
    DF Eric Moore

    MF Jerod Mayo
    MF Brandon Spikes
    MF Gary Guyton
    MF Dane Fletcher

    SS Pat Chung

    SS Josh Barrett

    FS Stomper MeriWeather
    FS James Sanders

    FS Brett Lockett

    CB Devin McCourty
    CB Leigh Bodden

    CB Darius Butler
    CB Kyle Arrington
    CB Jon Wilhite

    I count just 32 guys with a formidable level of "Roster Security".

    *I asterisked the 3 Big Free Agents, and lit Green in red, as I estimate that one will depart.

    I consider the notion that there isn't a ton of room for Draft Picks to impact our 53 man Roster ~ more like 64-66 with the Practice Squad + Shadow Roster ~ to be pure Urban Legend.

    I’m not trying to build a 45 man Roster: I’m trying to build a 60 man Roster.

    66, really, including the Shadow Roster.

    And I’m going to say 69, allowing for a little expansion with the new CBA.

    Perhaps more, if the CBA changes that, as well it might.

    Open Issues

    Logan Mankins ~ In my Vision of a Mock Draft, this ferocious and powerfull Grizzly finally comes to his senses: He signs his Franchise tender and, ultimately, a long term deal. His Agent is butchered and fed to the dogs...And there is much rejoicing.

    Matt Light ~ Matt also signs up, probably for a 3 year deal which he will almost certainly not finish, so easy on the Signing Bonus.

    CBA ~ I'm hoping ~ and assuming, for the sake of this Mock ~ that enough clarity issues from the courts in the next few weeks that both sides know how much leverage either sides has...and can then negotiate accordingly, having attenuated their expectations. For the sake of this Mock, I'm saying that they come sufficiently to their senses to get this thing ironed out in time for Camp, and perhaps even a month or two earlier.

    On to the Draft...​
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    I've considered going after any number of positions with our first Pick, including O Tackle ~ Tyron Smith ~ and D Flanker ~ Aldon Smith.

    But I believe that the biggest Bang For Our Buck with our first Pick, based on this Draft Class's boiling landscape, based on the aching needs of this dangerous, ascending team of ours, and based on his cosmically perfect fit in our system, is probably* going to be Justin "Mega" Watt.

    *But I will only go so high to get the lad.

    Trade: #17 + #74 ~ Lions ~ #13 + #154.

    #13 ~ DE ~ Justin "Mega" Watt ~ 6.6/290


    Justin Watt commands an astonishing fusion of Strength, Power, Instincts, Athleticism, Brains, Passion, and relentless, implacable Tenacity.

    This kid has the heart of a LION, ladies and gentlemen.

    And his Diagnostic Skills + Processing Speed are exceptional.

    Others will get more Sacks...But a team looking for a dynamic fusion of Strength against the Run combined with Pass Rushing Power could not do better than Justin Watt, this year.

    He's still raw, and still needs to grow into his frame, but this recent Tight End Conversion is rapidly ascending to Full Capacity, and he is one of the very most passionate and dedicated young men in the entire Draft: I have no doubt, none at all, that he'll make the most of his considerable skills.
  4. Off The Grid

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    Trade Frenzy!!

    I believe this Draft Class to be exceptionally weak at the top, but very meaty in the middle.

    And while I find the chances of The Draft disappearing into the Ether next year to be remote...I find the potential consequences of Trading Back into this highly unlikely yet remotely possible Vortex to be unspeakably ~ and unacceptably ~ GRIM.

    In other words: It may be 1000 to 1 against The Draft vaporizing after this year...

    But that's "one" too many.

    Ergo: I will not be Trading Back, this year.

    So after bagging the services of Justin "Mega" Watt, and then looking around at the talent likely to go off the boards over the next 30 Picks or so...

    I am HIGHTAILING it out of the Top 40!! :eek:

    Harmonic Convergence: 3 King's Ransoms!!

    Fortunately, there are always plenty of short sighted General Managers and Coaches around to not only BUY what we're selling...but, indeed, to often pay us a Premium. :D

    And this year’s Quarter Back Class, in confluence with our incredibly strong position, at #28 and #33, astride the Thursday Night Divide…could produce an unprecedented succession of Deprivations.

    Trade Madness!!

    Three exciting ~ albeit: flawed ~ Quarter Back prospects are available when #28 comes up, and Jake Locker is The Answer in the eyes of some teams. I'm not going to sully my Mock with the far fetched ~ albeit: remotely possible ~ idea that anyone's going to fetch up a 2012 1st Rounder to move up 5 or 10 spots...But there is a VERY real potential for a Bidding War for the services of Jake Locker, which should get us a King's Ransom for #28:

    #28 ~ Beefaloes ~ #34 + #100 + #133 + #169

    And when Business opens on Friday, the other GM's will've had all NIGHT to work themselves up into a lather about Christian Ponder!! Bidding War II leads, of course, to King's Ransom II:

    #33 ~ Miners ~ #45 + #76 + #108 + #231

    Finally, the Feeding Frenzy ~ a well-worn term, and quite appropriate ~ reaches its peak, as Ryan Mallett's various and sundry Red Flags fade into the background in the presence of his Illustrious Golden Arm. :D

    Bidding War III begets King's Ransom III, as most Patriot fans scream in horror, while the brilliant ones cackle with GLEE!! :D

    #34 ~ Jaguars ~ #49 + #80 + #121
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    #49 ~ OG ~ Ben Ijalana ~ 6.4/315


    Benjamin Ijalana is an exceptional Athlete and a mauling Beast. He is a small school kid ~ VillaNova ~ who'll need some technical guidance, but I can't think of a better place in the world to get that, than in Dante's Academy.

    We're in the habit of transforming Late Round Talent into good players on our O Line.

    And yet "good" hasn't been good enough, the last 3 Play Off Campaigns.

    Here we have raw material that, under Coach Dante's guidance, has multiple Pro Bowl potential.

    Benjamin Ijalana is athletic enough to play O Tackle and do very well at it...

    But as an O Guard, he could become Great.
  6. Off The Grid

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    Trade: #45 ~ Packers ~ #64 + #96 + #129 + #204

    #60 ~ DE ~ Kenrick Ellis ~ 6.5/345


    Kenrick Ellis commands an obscene combination of bone-crushing Power and nightmarish Athleticism.

    Based purely on his play and his potential, he'd be a Top 10 Prospect. His back ground has him slated to go in the early 3rd Round, but this is a young man who I believe truly gets it, because he hasn't simply mouthed the usual platitudes: He has spoken about fundamental change in himself, and he has spoken, directly, about taking concrete steps to restructure the core elements of his life. We've all heard a lot of nonsense, but this man struck me not only as sincere, but as resolved.

    Kenrick Ellis not only commands a terrifying fusion of Strength, Power, and Agility, but he has that rare and precious Nose Tackle Mentality: This guy, I believe, will give you a decade of dedication, persistently blasting away, engulfing Blockers, and opening up immense Opportunities for his team mates.

    I believe he has discovered that he truly loves this Game, ladies and gentlemen.

    And if we line him up at Left End, with Vince Wilfork on the Nose and Justin Watt at Right End...we could rain TERROR.
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    #64 ~ RB Shane Vereen ~ 5.10/210


    Shane Vereen commands an explosive blend of Burst, Fluidity, Lateral Agility, and sudden Lateral Velocity.

    He boasts exceptional Diagnostic Skills, Processing Speed, and Vision, working with his Line to set up Blocks.

    And he commands frightening Verticity: the ability to explode out of his Breaks.

    In a word: dangerous physical skills and the brains to apply them with deadly force.
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    Trade: #76 ~ Ravens ~ #90 + #123 + #225

    #80 ~ TB ~ Taiwan Jones ~ 6.0/195


    Taiwan Jones has the potential to be an utterly devastating weapon.

    He's an accomplished Receiver, he's bulked up to a size that should obviate concerns about him sustaining his health...

    And he has nightmarish Speed.

    Taiwan Jones has the Fluidity to consistently make men miss...

    And he has the Verticity to plant his foot and explode in the other direction.

    A dangerous, deadly weapon.
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    #90 ~ WE ~ "Lieutenant" Lance Kendricks ~ 6.3/243


    Lance Kendricks is an extraordinary Weapon in the Pass Game: He commands exceptional Navigational Skills, tremendous Hands, outstanding Instincts, and phenomenal Diagnostic Skills + Processing Speed.

    What's really surprising, though, is his passion, his tenacity, and his consistency in the Run Game as a Wing Back "Move" Blocker: Praise for his effectiveness and dedication in this aspect of the game is effusive.

    Lance Kendricks is one of my few Priority Binkies.

    Wing Backs ~ Tight Ends who often go into Motion to Block, but who are DownField threats, as well ~ are changing the face of the Game: A Player who is truly effective as a Run Blocker and a Pass Blocker, and who also brings an explosive element to the Pass Game, wreaks chaos on a Defense's efforts to Defend.

    Lance Kendricks is that rare Athlete, and for my money only Kyle Rudolph offer a more completely disruptive Game.

    My nomenclature for Kenricks is the same as that of my Priority Binky from the 2010 Draft Class, Aaron Hernandez:

    Wing End.

    That's my term for a Wing Back who spends a majority of his time in the Passing Game. But make not mistake: "Lieutenant" Lance Kendricks is a ferocious Blocker whose Impact will go MILES beyond his Stat Line.
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    Trade: #92 ~ Eagles ~ #104 + #120

    #96 ~ WB ~ Jordan Cameron ~ 6.5/255


    Like many players who crush it at The Combine, Jordan Cameron is getting a lot of hype as his Stock soars.

    In this case, though, I believe that the hype is justified.

    Jordan Cameron is a very recent Basket Ball Conversion who didn't catch a single pass until this very season.

    So he is obviously a bit on the raw side.

    Even so, he commands an intoxicating blend of talents: excellent Launch Speed off the Line, astonishing Fluidity, amazing Instincts and Processing Speed for his experience level...and Speed.

    He's not an accomplished Blocker, as yet, but he is rapidly improving in that aspect of the game, as in all aspects.

    Jordan Cameron is a dangerous, dangerous weapon, and the tactical possibilities we would have at our disposal, with him, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and Lance Kendricks ready to deploy at a moment's notice, could bring sheer, utter CHAOS to the enemy.
  11. Elijah

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    Murrell is an OLB, not a tackle.
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    #100 ~ QB Ricky Stanzi ~ 6.4/224


    Ricky Stanzi isn't quite there, yet, but he took enormous strides forward, this year. The Pocket Presence and the Mechanics still need work, but his Diagnostic Skills + Processing Speed are good and rapidly improving, as are his Decision Making and Field Vision.

    Far more importantly, he is by all accounts a Gym Rat and a Game Tape Junkie. This is a Scrapper with a great young tactical mind who is absolutely dedicated to his Craft. And no, I don't give a rat's asterisk about his arm: It's good enough to get the job done, and it will only get better.

    There are 7 QB's currently rated ahead of Stanzi, and I like him better than all of them.
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    #104 ~ CB ~ Curtis Marsh ~ 6.1/195


    Curtis Marsh is certainly very raw: He's only played Corner for two years.

    And that shows in his footwork, and his technique in general.

    But the kid brings an outstanding fusion of Size + Speed to the table, and while his Verticity ~ Turn + Burn Acuity ~ is not what you want, at this stage, his Fluidity is excellent, and it's my thinking that, with good coaching and time, he will develop exceptional Verticity, which is the most vital skill of any Corner Back.

    Better yet, he displays tremendous Instincts for a Corner of his brief experience.

    One can only imagine that those are only going to get much sharper, as he continues his rapid ascent.

    All Draft Picks are gambles, and projecting a player with only two years of experience at the position is speculative, indeed. But when you put together perfect Size, blazing Speed, rapidly improving Instincts, and exceptional Fluidity, I believe that Curtis Marsh ~ who already made it happen in Real Time against the likes of Titus Young and many others ~ offers explosive upside.

    This is a potential #1 Corner, and yet he's projected for the Mid Rounds.

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    #108 ~ RS ~ DeAndre McDaniel ~ 6.0/216


    Rover Back.

    I don't think it's possible for me to come across as objective about DeAndre McDaniel.

    His Long Speed is what most analysts dog him about: 4.63 "40" at the Combine. The prevailing "wisdom", of course, is that that time speaks to limited Range, and will compromise his ability to become an effective Safety at the Pro level.

    My thinking is that very few of the alleged experts who cite that alleged wisdom could quote Rodney Harrison's "40" time.


    So much for the crippling effects of a 4.63 "40".

    More to the point, DeAndre McDaniel plays fast. I will put his Processing Speed and Diagnostic Skills up against any Safety in this Draft Class. His raw cerebral talent is outstanding, and his Instincts are phenomenal, but both pale in comparison to his relentless and implacable dedication to reading Game Tape, to analyzing, to short: to his pursuit of mastering this Great Game.

    He has explosive Verticity ~ his ability to Turn + Burn Fast + Fluidly is amazing. Combined with his extraordinary Diagnostic Skills and Processing Speed, he has forged an utterly fascinating ability to anticipate where the play is headed ~ to consistently be that vital, critical, absolutely devastating half step ahead of everyone else.

    He navigates Traffic with exceptional skill, surprising Speed, and relentless Fury: He is terrifying, out there!!

    And he arrives with all the rage of HELL: This is a guy who genuinely LOVES to blast people!! He plays this Game with a GREAT deal of Ferocity and Passion. And yet this is a guy who tackles with consistently disciplined technique: a sure, wrap up tackler. I find that combination of traits ~ Ferocity and Discipline ~ VERY rare.

    And he's a tremendous team mate, as well: Very disciplined in sticking to assignments, yet this is no small minded "Not My Section" Prima Donna. Quite the opposite. The very instant that it's clear that the ball's not coming his way, he immediately heads the ball's way...and often an half second ahead of everyone else. Again: his instincts, his Diagnostic Skills, and his Processing Speed...are astonishing.

    On top of all that, he's got a Sixth Sense for the FootBall, tremendous anticipation of it trajectory, exceptional timing of his leaps, and enormous hands. It's no coincidence that he's racked up 12 Interceptions, the last two years.

    This is an exceptional young man, a guy who has worked his way forward from an awful childhood, who made some mistakes in college...and who has emerged as an Honor Roll student, a team Captain, and an amazing, inspiring Leader.
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    #120 ~ DF ~ Greg Romeus ~ 6.5/265



    10 months ago, Greg Romeus was a consensus Top 10 Pick. But after a NIGHTMARE Senior season, his stock has gone the way of Ricky Sapp's, a year ago, and plummeted all the way to the Mid Round ~ 3rd to 5th ~ range.

    And well it might: after a torn ACL AND Back surgery, Greg Romeus has probably been crossed off some team's boards, all together.

    But the lad is healing.

    And imagine if he simply fully recovers...and reclaims all the Strength, Speed, and Power he had, a year ago??

    We're talking about a 6.5/265 athlete who has the Power, the Burst, and the Extension to Set the Edge and Rush the Passer, and those types are extremely rare.

    MIND you: he played with a pretty dubious Crouch when he was healthy, which hampered both his Anchoring against the Run and his Pass Rush: If I was drafting for a 434 Scheme, I might not draft this kid at all. I'd certainly want to see if he was building up his lower body strength to support that healing back...and to improve his Crouch.

    But as a Flanker ~ that's "OutSide LineBacker" to you Earthlings!! ~ in a 344 Scheme ~ say, in Coach Belichick's, where Setting the Edge is as important as Rushing The Passer??

    That would be a damned good match up.

    This is a very low Risk...with a potentially spectacular Up Side.
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    #121 ~ PB ~ Jamie Harper ~ 5.11/234


    Power Back.

    For a Beast of his size, Jamie Harper commands Agility that can only be described as startling.

    He is nimble, agile, and deft, and yet commands the Size and the Strength to blast his way through Traffic.

    And he is a bruising Blocker.

    Perhaps most surprising of all: he is a very adept Receiver.

    Jamie Harper, frankly, is a pretty amazing Back.

    I am astonished that he's projected for the later middle rounds, but it is a deep Running Back Class.

    All the better for us.
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    #123 ~ QB ~ Greg McElroy ~ 6.2/220


    Greg McElroy is far and away my favorite QuarterBack of this Draft.

    He is a QuarterBack of limited physical skills who nevertheless commands astonishing Diagnostic Skills + Processing Speed, tremendous Field Vision, and excellent Mechanics. He has phenomenal patience in the Pocket ~ sometimes too much!! ~ and he's an outstanding Decision Maker who works the field with savvy and cold blooded precision. He's incredibly cool under pressure, and a Born Leader who's teammates invariably respond to at all times, particularly when the game's on the line.

    I believe that Greg McElroy, given one shot at it, is going to be a tremendous QuarterBack. He has nothing at all that dazzles, and absolutely every last thing that he needs to become exceptional.

    Unfathomably ~ though not surprisingly ~ he is projected to go in the late rounds, but I'll go right on the record and say that ~ given a single opportunity with an Head Coach smart enough to realize what he has, there ~ he will forge an extraordinary career.
  18. patfanken

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    Looks like a lot has happened since I made my initial comments sorry I jumped the gun
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2011
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    #125 ~ CB ~ DeMarcus Van Dyke ~ 6.1/175


    DeMarcus Van Dyke is raw as ALL get out, and I wouldn't trust him to cover my GrandMother, if we we playing, today.

    His footwork is awful, his instincts are raw, and he needs to spend more time at the dinner table.

    But the natural Fluidity is there.

    Give this kid some time and training, and I do believe he will develop the Verticity ~ that's Turn + Burn or Flip the Hip, to you Earthlings!! ~ to stick with anyone.

    He's got great size and the right frame to get bigger without losing any Agility.

    He's very tough on the Line of Scrimmage, despite his lack of beef, and my gut tells me that he projects ~ 10 or 15 pounds from now ~ to be a nightmarish match up for Receivers at the Point of Contact.

    And...Oh, yes...

    This kid can FLY.

    DeMarcus Van Dyke has nothing short of Pro Bowl Potential, ladies and gentlemen: A tough, physical Mauler at the Line of Scrimmage who additional Beef should make extremely disruptive. A naturally Fluid athlete who, with professional training, should develop exceptional Verticity...and a Speed Demon.

    Yet he's projected for the later middle rounds.

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    #129 ~ CB ~ Ryan Jones ~ 5.11/200


    Ryan Jones brings an absolutely outstanding fusion of skills to this Great Game: Terrific Long Speed, exceptional Quickness, superior Fluidity, and tremendous Verticity ~ Turn + Burn ability. He's Instinctive, he's Strong, and he's got a well established talent for sniffing out the FootBall and creating TurnOvers.

    And he's an aggressive Run Defender who hits hard and often.

    He's raw and untrained, as can be expected, coming out of an obscure school, but that's nothing that can't be rapidly overcome when he gets profressional training.

    This kid has #1 Corner potential written all over him, yet he's projected to go in the Late Rounds!!
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