Off-Season Pre-view: Part 3 (Special Teams)

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    [font=&quot]Patriots Off-season Preview (February edition)

    Previously, I had posted off-season previews on ESPN. These would review the current state of the team and where I thought the team would be going with their off-season moves.


    [font=&quot][/font]Special Teams:

    Kicker - Re-signing Adam or signing Paul Edinger really seems like the only options. Robbie Gould probably would have been an option had he not hooked on with the Bears. It will be up to Vinatieri to get a new agent and get the ball rolling. I doubt they go for a kicker via the draft since none of them seem to be very highly rated.

    Punter – Josh Miller - Was in the top 5 for Punt AVG, but the coverage teams let him down on the net. The Pats will probably bring in a young player again to help alleviate some of the work for Miller during the pre-season.

    Long-Snapper - Lonnie Paxton – Very solid player. Has only had one muffed snap (that I can remember anyways) in his years in with the Pats.
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    Anyone have any comments?
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    It would be a tossup between Edinger/Bryant. I'd take Bryant over Edinger...Edinger seems erratic on the road but he does well at home for being on a dome team which helps his cause...probably will either re-sign with Minny or go to Indy.
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