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    Brian Barthelmes started at LG and played well again. Drew Olsen actually had a good game at QB, so Amsterdam won to go 3-3. The RBs seem to find good lanes behind Brian's blocking. He still spends too much time on the ground, I don't know if he's leaning or what he is doing, but he just winds up on the ground a lot. The guys he blocks rarely get pressure on the pocket, and they don't get into the runners until the runner gets past him, so I'm not sure how much of a problem this is, but it's something I've noticed and knowing Mankins was given high praise for keeping his feet I'm concerned.
    I've noted that Brian plays nice and nasty, no change there this week, defenders on at least two occasions were complaining to the officials about him, on a third occasion he got a warning for decleating a DL who was standing by the pile after a run, Brian had to hustle his buns off after making the block on his man then scramble for about 15 yds to get to the pile where the RB had cut back to the other side. He reminds me of Rodney with his aggressiveness through the whistle.
    The big negative I did see was on line stunts, DL twisting and getting a head of steam up seem to get under his pads and jack him back. I don't know if Brian gets too tall when he doesn't have someone to block right off, but it's an area of concern. His agility pass blocking at LG definitely reminded me of Mankins and I'll state again that I'd love to see him take some reps at OT, he certainly couldn't be any worse then the clown playing RT. Brian got called for hands to the face on one play, too bad they couldn't call the defender I saw with his paw up under Brian's mask on an earlier play. Overall a fine effort in a game and a half at LG, this is six starts, 5 at OC and 1 at LG.

    Danny Baugher's first punt was from deep in his end, he got some good hang time and needed every bit of it because his Gunners got jammed up and the rest of the coverage team needed the hang time to get downfield. The PR did help him by misjudging the ball, allowing it to hit and bounce about five yds in front of him for a 47 yd kick, before scooping it up and getting it stripped as he tried to get turned upfield. This set up a FG for the first score of the game, Baugher had to dig out a low snap, but got it down cleanly for the PK.
    His second punt was with a short field, he kicked a 36 yarder taken at the 11. His Gunners again were nowhere near the kick, allowing the runner to get moving. The coverage was there to stop him inside the 20, but one broken tackle later there was a 16 yd return. Two punts in a row his Gunners have been unable to get off the blocks for the coverage.
    The Gunners broke loose on the third kick, another great hang time effort forcing a fair catch on the 13 for a 32 yd kick with no return inside the 20.
    The fourth punt was his first touchback of the season, he hit it down inside the 5, but got no backspin. The camera work was really poor on that punt, but it looked like Danny outkicked his coverage, though the way the Gunners had been playing the coach may have told him to try for a coffin corner and not worry about the coverage, it looked like the ball came down about 10 yds in from the sideline. A 57 yd kick on that effort.
    His fifth punt was blocked by a defender who blew through two half-hearted blocks. That's his second blocked punt of the season. It was picked up and advanced for a TD. Brian Baldinger was doing color and reported that Baugher "never had a chance."
    Baugher's sixth and final punt went 41 yds, the left Gunner was right there to take the PR down for no return (finally).
    For the game Baugher averaged 42.6 yds/punt (through week 5 he averaged 42.5, so he's staying consistent there), with one down inside the 20, one touchback, and one blocked. His Gunners suck.
    Through week Five he leads NFLE in net average and is second in punts down inside the 20. His week 6 numbers may lower his net average with one 16 yd return and the touchback.

    I'll try and review Tom Malone's punting in the next couple days.
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