New GBN Mock: OLB Melvin Ingram & DE Fletcher Cox

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Ochmed Jones, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. Ochmed Jones

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    Has us taking OLB Ingram of SC and DE Cox.

    Absolutlely love the Cox pick. No doubt in my mind that he can transition to the 3-4 and after a redshirt year become a solid to solid plus player for the next decade.

    As for Ingram, I think he has had a great year, rushing from the outside and the rushing drom the inside, when Clowney takes the field on obvious passing downs. He has been very sturdy against the run as well. I guess I consider him a pure 4-3 DE that only runs in the 4.8's. I also have not noticed any suddenness to his game. But that is probably my fault, because with Taylor out there, I do not think I gave Ingram enough attention.
  2. ay-yo

    ay-yo Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    re: New GBN Mock: OLB Melvin Ingram & DE Fletcher Cox

    From the 1 SC game I watched Ingram looked better than Taylor. Piere-Paul turned into a better pro than Selvie so it may not be that teams are just focused on Taylor.
  3. doesntmatter1

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    re: New GBN Mock: OLB Melvin Ingram & DE Fletcher Cox

    Ingram leaves me puzzled everytime I watch him. He looks slow and not overly fast and soon as you think this guy is not nfl material the qb is taken down. I've come to the conclusion that the dude is just an illusionist playing with my eyes.
  4. patsfaninpa

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    re: New GBN Mock: OLB Melvin Ingram & DE Fletcher Cox

    I'd like to stick with the 4-3. I think we're closer to building a decent front 7 in that scheme. If we go back to the 3-4, we still need two 2-gap de's. We're not going to get that type of de where we are picking. I'd like a dt like Cox because Love is similiar to Vince. Run-stuffer. Need an interior pass rush and can't count on Pryor to stay healthy. Deaderick seems like he can play that LDE in a 4-3. Just bring Mark Anderson in on passing downs. Draft a de to groom behind Andre Carter. Looks like a trade back from 1b if we de because there are 3-5 similiar prospects. Pick up that extra draft choice. Vinny Curry early in the 2nd.

    Starters Left to Right; Deaderick, Love, Wilfork and A. Carter
    Depth DT Fletcher Cox, Ron Brace and hopefully Pryor.
    Depth DE Mark Anderson and Vinny Curry. Possibly J. Cunningham too.
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