"New England, right now, is almost frightening..."

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  1. Seneschal2

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    ...with where they are after fixing the receiver position and getting Adalius Thomas," NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth says.


    Reportedly, the Pats dominated discussions at the owners meetings regarding which teams rebuilt best since the SB. Here's the article containing the above quote.
  2. It's nice to win the Daniel Synder free agency award. But the draft is what's really going to put the Patriots ahead of the rest of the NFL.
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    Out of our FA signees, only Welker and Morris looks like potential oversigns - the others either came for a (relatively) reasonable price (Thomas) or with a year for the Patriots to test drive before buying (Stallworth, Washinton). There's nothing Snyder-esque about our offseason from where I sit.
  4. MoLewisrocks

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    Excellent read all around.

    I think what stands us in such good stead is while others have had or may continue to have limited success standing firm in one approach, whether by choice or born of financial necessity, this franchise instead has carefully worked constantly to position itself to be a chameleon on and off the field poised to do whatever it takes on any given Sunday or in any given off season. When you think you have us figured out, think again. And attempt to pidgeonhole us at your own peril. :D
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  5. old 55

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    I think the Welker and Morris signings are classic BB & Pioli - sign someone who plays well against your team and weaken another division rival in the process. I have no problem with this. It should help our Special teams and provide key backups at a minimum.
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    I was going to try and explain why the Patriots spent alot of money this offseason but then I actually read the article and they said it better than I ever could. Did you read the article? Besides in order to win the Daniel Snyder free agency award you need to:

    a.) Consistenly get big name free agents every single year.
    b.) Consistently pay said agents to much every year.
    c.) Consistently give away draft picks to sign restricted free agents or franchised players.
    d.) Consistently not listen to coaches who recommend not getting said free agents.
    e.) Every once in a while make a really bonehead move like trading one of, (if not the best) CB in the league for a running back.
    f.) Getting big named free agents to join your team when you have different needs than the player can give you. (i.e. trying to get Briggs when they need more help at other positions than linebacker.)

    Now you know what it takes to win the award.

    But I do agree that a team needs to have the ability to draft well to consistently be great.
  7. patriotsdynasty12189

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    You fail to mention that they also had Ledall Betts who is a better fit for that offense.
  8. psychoPat

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    I don't think Archives was trying to pin Snyder's tail on our donkey
    ... so much as he was pointing out that it remains, after all, only early April.

    We've liked our Chad Browns and David Terrells and all that before. But
    the proof of the pudding ... still comes in September thru January.
  9. minvardar

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    Then I demand a smiley face after the Snyder comment! (Just Kidding)
    I meant to add in a, "I don't know if you are joking or not" comment but forgot it. I just get a bit irritated when anyone compares the Patriots to the Redskins and they actually think it is true. The teams could not be further apart when it comes to managing their respective rosters.
  10. fgssand

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    One can never have "too much" talent at any position. Plenty of room for all....
  11. VJCPatriot

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    Do you really think Polian is shaking in his boots? man I hope so. The image is funny. :) But I think the Colts right now are very confident because they have the experience of getting that Lombardi and finally defeating NE in the postseason. The real question is will the Colts now have the "down year" that haunts most defending champs?
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  12. patpatriot

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    Well both players looked like All-Stars when they played us so at a minimum we should be able to avoid the annual melt-down game in Miami this year (as long as we kidnap JT before the game). And who knows? Winning that could be the difference between playing the Colts at home or in Indy like this year.

    I'm convinced that Welker is a Troy Brown/Wayne Chrebet clone so I'm not worried about that money spent. On the other hand, I wonder if we think we are buying the Buffalo era Sammy Morris as opposed to the Miami era version. I think that he has real bust potential. Welker is going to be a tremendous fan favorite.
  13. Patriotic Fervor

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    Uh, have they strengthened themselves in the off-season (the Colts, I mean)?
  14. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Well yes, according to most Colt trolls, er fans, all of their free agent losses are actually making them better......
  15. Michigan Dave

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    Thanks. Tremendous read!
  16. Sorry, you have misunderstood what I was saying. Usually teams that sign a lot of big name free agents, are compared to the Redskins. Don't get me wrong, I love the signings the Pats have made so far and each one of them has made sense. They didn't overpay for Thomas because he could have taken even more money in SF. Stallorth and Washington are low risk/high reward type of deals.
  17. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I read the article and it was a good one. I didn't mean to compare the Pats to the Redskins in terms of throwing money at free agents. What I meant was, it's only April and the Pats still have the draft to look foward to. I really like the new additions at WR and of course, Adalius Thomas. Although the Pats may have given to much for Welker, he will prove very valuable in the return game and slot receiver role. Welker is a younger, faster version of Troy Brown.
  18. BionicPatriot

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    I agree, right now this roster is laoded. It'll be just plain amazing if we add fast youth to our defense :]
  19. PatsFanInVa

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    You know our draft: We'll add something, somewhere.

    History suggests, something good. And we have two swipes at the first round.

    I do agree w/Collinsworth; but you gotta be kiddin me... I have to wait 5 months to see what this actually means ON THE FIELD???

    Eh well. Let's just say, the FO put them in a position to win.

  20. RayClay

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    What he said.

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