My thoughts on the Giants and SB XLII

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NEfan32, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. NEfan32

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    The more I think about it, the more I don't see the Giants winning, and here is why.

    -The Giants are in the NFC, and for as hot as they have been, we beat the BEST, talent wise, NFC team by 20 points. And, at that time, Dallas was playing their best football.

    -During the season, I told myself, the winner of the AFCCG will win the SB, the NFC is not good enough.

    -The Giants defense is overrated. They were one of the worst teams statiscally, and they only sacked Brady once. The Giants seconday sucks, and the linebacking core is alright.

    -BB has 2 weeks. He will kill a team with 2 weeks or preparation.

    -The Pats seem extremely confident and loose.

    -The Giants are overconfident, and I have a feeling they could implode during the game if they are down early.

    -Amhad Bradshaw is overrated. The guy is like Leon Washington. He can break a 50 yard run, but he will only do it once.

    -The Giants offense isn't that good. The running game is good, but Jacobs doesn't scare me unless he is at the goaline. The receiving core is alright, but if you take away Burress, they are not very good.

    -The Giants, I think, are putting too much stock into week 17's game, and the Pats didn't show a lot then.

    -If you take away a special teams TD, and a garbage time TD, the Pats win by 17.

    -You have to think the Pats D will play better, and the offense as well with warmer weather.
  2. Menlo

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    With this defense you can't really tell. I mean Feely and Boller torched us, as well as Eli so who knows what could happen come sunday? I hope for a nice blowout so I can enjoy my sunday and not have to sit through a nervous wreck for 4 hours like everyone else, but like i said, you never know with our pathetic d.
  3. BelichickFan

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    Not only that but the Giants were 4/4 scoring TDs in the Red Zone. Credit to them, I guess, but I don't think we'll see that happening again.

    The defense is actually playing very well. As Pony Express pointed out on a thread, since the Baltimore game the defense has held every opponent except the Giants to their low score of the year (or 12 weeks in the case of Jax) and you and I have already pointed out what happened in the NYG game.
  4. Nordy

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    You can stop the act now.
  5. BelichickFan

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    The popular thing to say is "the Giants almost won when it didn't matter, think what they can do when it really matters". Well, first, they only "almost" won because everything went perfect for them for three quarters. And second, they were able to play loose and care free in that game; the "now it matters" effect is FAR more likely to hurt them than help them.
  6. BelichickFan

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    Bump - as NEfan32 actually tried to talk about the . . . game.
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