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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by newton_tom_cat, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. newton_tom_cat

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  2. signbabybrady

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    ive been to the road bills games the last few years and they get drunk and rowdy....ive had a beeah tossed at me and my bro had a hot choc thrown at him.

    I am going again this year.....
  3. MetalBleachers

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    What's great about this is that he gets snowballs, beer cans and even the lid of a bbq grill thrown at him... and these are his friends. :singing:
  4. shirtsleeve

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    Ahhhh, fond memories of Schaeffer Stadium come rushing back to mind.....
  5. Randy_Moss

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    LOL, good call. Even his friends were sick of his act!
  6. Slagathor

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    I remember they used to have Patty-Wagon's from Foxborough, Mansfield and Wrentham PD parked outside all the gates......

    and by halftime they'd all be full.

    Good Times......Good Times.....
  7. Gwedd

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    Was it a Raiders game at Foxboro where the police ran out of holding room and started handcuffing fans to the chain link fence? There was some guy with a pair of bolt cutters cutting out chunks of the fence trying to set them all free...

    What a riot... :)

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