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    Below is a list of guys that I think that Pats should target in the later rounds. Granted some of them might jump up into the 3rd round, but for discussion purposes, I’ve broken them down into guys I think might be available in the fourth round or later. I have them listed with what I think, what has been written by others, and a link to the CBSsports scout page for that player. I have seen all of these guys play and for some reason or another they have caught my eye.

    4th round (or later)


    Sharpton reminds me of the typically Miami LB. Fast hard hitting with a nose for the ball. Since Miami does not have the exposure that it has had in the past, he has gone a little under the radar. His lack of height will let him drop to the later rounds, but more than one sub- 6’ LB has become a Pro-Bowl player in the NFL.

    Reminds me of: Hybrid between Ray Lewis and Zach Thomas

    From Paul’s Pigskin:
    ... I've watched Sharpton in all, or parts, of 4 games this season and have come to the conclusion that he cannot be ignored as a serious NFL prospect just because he fails to reach the magical/mystical 6-foot tall mark. Sharpton is very instinctive in locating the ball and seems to be able to run people down with consistency. I will be curious to find out what he times in the 40 at the scouting combine this winter. Sharpton also excels in short pass coverage and is flat-out a football player along the lines of the undefeated Colts' MLB Gary Brackett. Last weekend against Duke, Sharpton had his best statistical game as a Hurricane as he was credited with 12 tackles, including 2 for loss, while he also corralled his first career INT and returned it 73 yards for a TD. Sharpton has committed to play in the Shrine game in Orlando this January, and I look forward to watching him practice and play that week. Sharpton looks like a round 5 type pick, who could surprise and have a very nice NFL career.
    Darryl Sharpton, , NFL Draft - -

    LeGarrette Blount, RB Oregon 6’2” 240

    We all know Blount’s story, the punch to the head of the Boise St. player, then exiled for most of the season. What can not be ignored is that he took his punishment like a man, owned up to what he had done, did not quit, and know will look to the NFL. Coming into this season, he was on the Heisman watch list, but know his body has been saved a year of wear and tear, he is the kind of Big back, that can really make a difference in short yardage and goaline. Plus he could carry the load full-time, has the speed to be a threat, and could harken the Pats back to the day that once they had a lead, they just pounded the ball with Antione Smith or “Clock Killin Corey Dillon”. I think we all realize that the Pats could have used something like that in a few games this year, as the Pats coughed up 4 4th quarter leads.
    LeGarrette Blount, , NFL Draft - -

    5th round or later

    Rennie Curran, LB, Georgia 5’11” 228

    I watched Curran play every Saturday for a few years now. Anyone who leads the SEC in tackling must be given serious consideration. Curran is an undersized ILB who has led the SEC in tackling. He has a great nose for the ball, and is not afraid to fill a whole. Most have him projected as an OLB, I don’t see that. He is listed as 5’11”; I doubt that he is even 5’ 10”. Still I think he can play ILB in the NFL, but where I think that he will excel is in the Larry Izzo mold of special teams Ace.
    Rennie Curran, , NFL Draft - -

    Myrone Rolle, SS Florida St. 6’2” 223
    Rolle would have been a 1st rd choice last year; instead he accepted the Rhodes scholarship and has been off at Oxford for the year. I’m sure that he will show up at the combine and remind people of what a great player he is, but incase the NFL forgets and he slips down this far, I don’t care how many Safeties the Pats have on the roster, he would be well worth taking at this point. We all cry the BB defense is too complicated for rookies, well Rolle is about as smart as they come. I pick I’m sure the Krafts would love; you can have enough quality people on your team.
    Myron Rolle, , NFL Draft - -

    A Speedster who absolutely slashed up the vaunted Tennessee defense in his bowl game. A Sproleseque clone. Certainly enough talent in his small frame to warrant taking a chance on him in the later rounds. He is someone who can help out in special teams.
    Dexter McCluster, , NFL Draft - -

    6th Round or later

    Conredge Collins, FB, Pittsburgh 6” 227
    A true NFL Fullback, devastating blocker, can catch the ball in the flat, and just a load making holes. The pats have been without a true fullback since Edwards left, anyone who saw Maroney’s attempt at pass blocking can appreciate this pick. BenJarvis does a very good job at playing FB, but here is an actual FB.
    Conredge Collins, Pittsburgh, NFL Draft - -

    Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia 6’1” 290
    Atkins had a down year, and was still second team All-SEC. Was supposed to be a star, but had a disappointing SR Season, due to injuries on the Georgia D-line, which lead to him getting double teamed. Projected to be a NT, he is quick can move blockers backwards. Does not always play at 100%, not sure why, but if properly motivated he can play.
    Geno Atkins, , NFL Draft - -


    An all-out blocking machine. This is a replacement for Baker, do not expect him to be anything but a blocking TE, but he has the size and the grittiness that will make him a great situational and special teams player. Bynham got pushed out by a Freshman phenonm Dickerson, so his stock has dropped. But I think he could be a very good steal in the later rounds.
    Nate Byham, , NFL Draft - -

    7th round (The Pats will have at least 5 picks in this round, of which at least 3 will be untradeable)

    A 6’8” Wide out, can you imagine the redzone possibilities! Have him go to the Randy Moss School of widerecieverdum. But well worth bringing the kid into camp. Hell it’s worth a shot just to draft another guy named “Wes” to be a WR.

    Pau’s’ Pigskin:
    ...Put me down as shocked at this point if Lyons gets drafted next April, however, even though he did not start for the Mountaineers he is an interesting prospect who makes great use of his height and large hands to go up for and make some nice catches against the sidelines. With his long lean frame you can't send him over the middle much for fear of decapitation, and he does not have great speed, but his length could make him a very valuable in 3-4 receiver sets and in the Red Zone. He jumps well and seems to be able to find the ball quite nicely. Lyons caught only 20 balls in his senior campaign, but his size is what will make him a potentially valuable rookie free agent target for some NFL teams. I doubt he will get invited to the combine, so he will have to make his mark in March, or early April at the West Virginia Pro Day. It's a long shot, but let me just say even in his limited play he got my attention with some his catches in direct combat with smaller DBs.
    Wes Lyons, , NFL Draft - -

    I can’t see how this kid didn’t get invited to the combine? If you watched the bowl game, EVERYONE knew he was getting the ball, and yet still he got open (17 catches in the game), and somehow he got behind the defense for what should have been the game winning score (his defense quickly gave it up). The NCAA record holder for receptions in a year. Everything about him reminds me of Troy Brown……
    Freddie Barnes, , NFL Draft - -

    Armanti Edwards, WR (QB) Appalachian State 5’11” 185
    This is the kid who led the upset of Michigan last year. He is an option QB, but is just one of those guys that you know is a winner. He is pretty much the size of Edelman and Welker, and that is exactly what I’m thinking of when I see him play. He can throw the ball too. Well worth a 7th round pick.
    Armanti Edwards, , NFL Draft - -

    Trindon Holliday, WR/KR, LSU
    5’6” 164
    5’6”! Am I nuts, yeah maybe, but this kid has already played in the SEC for four years and he is still alive. He will be one of, if not the fastest guys at the combine. A pure KR pick, but LSU finds ways to get him on the field and into the offense, maybe the Pats can too.
    Trindon Holliday, , NFL Draft - -
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    great list im feeling rolle and the little guy at lsu
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    I wonder if BB will take a late round/UDFA shot at the punter from Michigan. Big leg, cold weather, consistent hang time.
  4. Metaphors

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    Don't mess with the Zoltan!
  5. mayoclinic

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    Dexter McCluster won't go any later than the 3rd round. Not a late round pick at all.

    Love the LaGarrette Blount and Freddie Barnes choices, if they last long enough.

    Some guys I like:

    - Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford. 6'7", 300#, did a fabulous job blocking for Toby Gerhart and Andrew Luck this year.
    - Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan. We need some more competition for Chris Hanson. Heck, we need a punter.
    - Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa. Good all around prospect.
    - Clifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina. 6'8", 290# guy who could have a high upside at both 4-3 and 3-4 DE.
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    The Zoltan probably won't be there by the Pats' 6th rounder.
  7. Ochmed Jones

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    I personnally can not see drafting a punter that high, unless I was 100% certain it is his job from day one of training camp. Is he that good a punter really that some team will hand him the job?
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    My guy in the 4th would be Montario Hardesty, the RB from Tennessee if he's still around. I love this kid. He's projected 3rd/4th round according to CBS, but he's probably more likely to go in 3rd.

    He's flown under the radar this year due to the Tebow's, Ingram's, and McCluster's of the SEC, but he is the real deal. This was his first full season carrying the load and he did a great job without a legitimate QB (Crompton) for most of the season. He held off highly touted true freshman Bryce Brown.
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    I'm going off history. Good punters are coming off the board in the fourth round in recent years.
  10. Ochmed Jones

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    Hardesty has the longest medical report of any player I have seen in a long time. The doctors will probably have a lot to say about where he is slotted in the draft. That knee will need to be examined in detail and then you wonder if he got that beat up in college, how long could he last in the NFL? Especially since he has little ST experience.
  11. Ochmed Jones

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    So what round would you take him and are you going to let him compete with Hanson or just cut Hanson?
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    I'd take both CMU WR's.

    Brown could develop into a Harvin-type, Anderson could end up being a really nice possession receiver.
  13. Ochmed Jones

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    We have two possession receivers in Welker and Edleman. We have a deep threat in Moss, what we need is a guy with the heart of a lion and tons of courage to work the intermediate zone (10 - 15 yards) both outside AND inside. And to do that they must have outstanding quick twitch or a huge amount of disability insurance.
  14. Taxed in Maine

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    Sounds like the guy you want is an Eric Decker or Riley Cooper.
  15. FreeTedWilliams

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    Yeah Geathers for some reason is coming out early, he hhas a very high upside, and I would like to see the Pats take a shot at him too!

    I have cried for BB to draft a punter for the last few years, and although he did sign my binky as a UFA last year, he didn't make the cut. So I've given up on asking him to draft punters, but I too would like to see him use one of the comp picks on Zoltan or the kid from Va Tech.
  16. Seneschal2

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    I'm not prepared (yet) to say Trindon will be the new primary kick returner next season, but I'll say this:

    The average starting drive position was horrible this season. And if Belichick believes that field position makes a difference, then he'll address the KOR as a priority position of need. If we don't draft a RB, WR, or DB who has return skills by the end of round two, then I'd start looking at some day two prospects who fit the bill.
  17. WelshPat

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    I'm probably the biggest Armanti Edwards fan in the world. Don't see him doing much in the nfl tho :(
  18. WelshPat

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    Yeah I agree with this, the days of having Matthew Slater back there must end. This is the only thing we missed Hobbs for, he was a great kick returner. We need a punt return guy now too, unless Edleman takes over. I was never a big fan of Welker being back there, his average was great but i thought it was asking a lot of his body and i don't think he was a consistant threat to go all the way.
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    Blount will be the steal of the draft if he goes in the fourth or later. IMO hes at least a second round talent but we all know why hes slipped. I dont think he will be a problem if he were to come here. Curran is a great player but he doesnt fit our scheme. If we could land McCluster to be the new speed back we should keep Morris and Faulk.
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    If I were convinced he were the guy, I'd probably use the fourth rounder. I might let Hanson stick around for TC, just in case I were badly wrong.

    That said, BB hasn't seen any need to use a draft pick on a punter since he got to Foxboro. And he saw enough in Hanson to drop Danny Baugher like a hot potato (remember, he was cut before his arrest, not the other way around), so I'm guessing what will happen is that, once again, BB won't use a pick on a punter, will bring in a good UDFA, and then decide he'd rather stick with Hanson.

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