Is the homefield advantage really that this year?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BradfordPatsFan, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Ok, the Pats are 2-3 at home, 4-0 on the road. Could the playing surface at the Razor really be hurting this team?

    No doubt, the Pats have played a hundred times better on the road than at home this year and on many different types of surfaces. Not all surfaces of the same material are created equally either. We all know about Brady's record in a dome. Brady has had trouble with the crown in Buffalo in the past, but this year he moved the ball almost at will. At Cincy and at the Jets, the Pats put up points fairly easily.

    Flip that now to Gillette where the Pats look slow and unsure of themselves. Could it be the field surface?

    Even after the new surface was installed things have not improved. Watch some of the replays, Brady's feet were sliding out from under him all game today. He couldn't move in the pocket. He couldn't step into his throws. At most home games, he is missing open receivers. Players are falling down while making catches. The backs are not cutting cleanly.

    IMO, the evidence shows that this team is not built to play at Gillette on a slow, sloppy surface. Let's see what happens when they play on other, faster surfaces on the road this year.

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