Inside Account of the David Givens Signing

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  1. smg93

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    Interesting article on how David Givens became a Titan.

    A teaser on the story:
    ''The general manager [Charley Casserly] and the coaches had left me to use the phone in their offices and Brad started talking about how the Titans were interested," Givens recalled Tuesday night, only hours after signing a five-year, $24 million contract in Tennessee. ''I'm in the Texans' facility and he's telling me about the Titans and all of a sudden there's a guy outside the stadium at some sort of carnival and he's wearing Eddie George's jersey. There were about 2,000 people there and I didn't see any other jersey but that one on anybody. It was really strange. Very strange."
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  2. PatsFan37

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    This is a well-written article that should serve as a tutorial on how to get inside information on football.

    Suck up to the agent.

    After you get past all the inside scoop, quality writing and evocative detail, ask yourself, where did the info come from? Answer: the agent. And then ask, how does the agent come off in the article? Answer: smelling like a garden rose.

    All those destructive rumors on Givens ... none of them were the agent's fault, though the story from Houston was that Brad Blank led the Texans to believe that Givens was ready to sign with them, which was the source of the second Givens rumor, the one that probably killed an offer from Seattle. That detail wasn't mentioned in the article because it would have detracted from what looks to me like one big puff piece for Brad Blank.

    I liked the article, but the intent was thinly disguised.
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Pretty lame, it was the jersey that helped make his decision... Get real it was more like the more bucks that the titans were ready to throw out there... Good luck David... Enjoy your money...
  4. tailgater

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    A puff piece indeed, one that served two people at once. Blank is Ron's agent, lol!
  5. dhamz

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  6. smg93

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    What I actually found interesting in the article was that he mentioned how much the Pats offered DG. That should be an indication to Branch as to how high they are willing to go for his extension if you consider that he is the #1 receiver on the team. The $17.5 over 5 years now serves at the very least as a baseline number for Deion.
  7. Brady'sButtBoy

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    $17.5mil for 5yrs is more than I thought the Pats would offer, I wonder how much was up front?

    I hope DG likes the money because he will be suffering through some awful football games the next few years as the Titans transition into a new QB when McNair retires.

    Just how much more money is worth playing on crappy team and missing out on the joy of being world champs? I bet hard money you will hear DG say in the next few years how he misses the winning environment of Foxboro. It's easy to say this was DG's big chance for a fat contract but that also means that money was the only thing that mattered. He would have become quite rich by staying, and is that extra money from the Titans going to improve his quality of life enough to offset the loss of the pride, satisfaction and joy of winning that he will not experience in Nashville for years to come?
  8. patsfan13

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    The 7mil diff between the Pats & Titans offers is probably more than double what DG has made in his entire career. THis is most likly the only really big payday in his career.

    Footbal is the way to make a living for these guys, but it probably won't be as much fun.
  9. pats60

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    Give me a break the jersey made me do it your honer
  10. hwc

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    How much does the Boston Globe charge for a special "infomercial" adverstising supplement like that?
  11. Mark Morse

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    Actually, it shouldn't be his only Pay Day! If the last year was structured as a ghaost year, then Givens will be just 30 and as #1 receiver should have great stats. He should be a #1 Free Agent again in four years.

    Thats how the Pats should have approched this contract ... more SB (guaranteed money) less NLTBE bonuses and huge 5th year that couldn't possibly come true.
  12. shmessy

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    You're entirely right.

    This is a journalism scandal. It is definitely a breach of ethics to at least not put in some disclosure (if not by Borges - at LEAST by Globe management) of the conflict of interest behind this major article.

    When Borges writes his crazy opinions and airs his personal grievances, that's one thing.

    This, however, is a completely different level of breach.
  13. Mike the Brit

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    I agree -- it's just about OK to write a piece about someone with whom you have a major financial relationship, but not to mention it anywhere is really awful.
  14. hwc

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    Aside from the breach of ethics by Borges' non-disclosure, the message that just jumps off the page is how the whole free agency process is designed to prevent the player from analyzing his options and the implications for his future.

    Givens acknowledges that his head was spinning, frantically calling from the airphone looking for calm guidance. Does his agent provide that? No, he's busy playing big-shot dealmaker with phones in both ears.

    At the end of the day, Givens turned down an opportunity to remain a key starter on a perrennial Super Bowl contender. He'll be a nobody in Tennessee, another operpaid free agent bust, cut after three or four years -- damaged goods.

    I'm not saying that he shouldn't have taken the money, but it is very clear from the Brad Blank advertising supplement that nobody was helping Givens consider the big picture.

    Oh...and it also seems rather evident that two different articles tamping down demand for Givens probably orginated from the Patriots "dirty tricks" department! Good for them! Maybe that's one of Ernie Adams responsibilities...
  15. Pats726

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    I is that don't disclose that and it puts a spin on things...Did the article mention the Cleveland website and the supposed call to the Houston writer?? Of course not..I think we all know that it kept Givens more in the news..who else would do that but Blank or an associate....that simple.
  16. shmessy

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    At the other end of the spectrum...... 'bout that Nashville sportswriter who evidently moonlights as Floyd Reese's Scheduling Secretary?
  17. PatsFan37

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    Boston Sports Media Watch has a short paragraph on Borges article, saying that Blank served two clients -- getting Givens the deal and Borges the story and noting that Borges failed to disclose his relationship with Blank.

    BSMW failed to note that the article was puffery for Blank and didn't take a hard look at Blank's role in the second rumor at Houston, or question whether Blank's divided attention came at a price for Givens.

    The story was well-written, but it's not terrific as BSMW says. To be a terrific story it must first be honest and reveal all sides, beyond the one side that serve the writer's agenda.
  18. MoLewisrocks

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    That's Ron's homage to the ghost of Will McDonough snipet - don't you know the sports media knows more about the players and the game and wields more influence in FO's than they ever get credit for? After all they have written about these sports for years. Just because this Belichick fellow is too arrogant or blinded by his silly jewelry collection to give the media it's due doesn't mean the loser franchises of the league don't understand the way things really get done......:rolleyes:

    You see the same with Gammons in baseball.

    If you think the Globe has a problem with their writers spinning a one sided tale about someone they have or had a financial relationship with you really are out of touch with the Boston media. ;)
  19. shmessy

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    I am supremely proud of that compliment.
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