I was there and the crowd was great

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  1. nepatz11

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    I have been pretty critical of the fans at Gillette this year and have even argued with a few people on here several times who try to blame the stadium. Saturday night was really really loud the fans were very very good and it was great. In response to the Shaun Phillips thing (he said the Pats were the nastiest in the NFL) I agree and I like it, Pats fans are always hostile, sarcastic and nasty to the opposition even when they get complacent and dont necessarily make noise. We booed victoria secret model twice this November and we pelted the Jets with snowballs. Honestly since the Pitts game I have no problem with the crowd at Gillette because they have been pretty excellent. Trust me, If you are sitting at home you cant judge the crowd noise fairly people on here know i have complained a lot about it but since Pitt it has been great 12th man.
  2. Touchback Jack

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    ya know, i'm gonna mention that the televised broadcast of the NFL this year has been absolutely terrible in terms of audio compression.

    The audio feed for CBS has been garbage this year and might have been the reason why the crowd sounded so low.
  3. Dragda

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    Colts games sound hollow. The crowd noise is obvious, but it sounds very strange and tinny.
  4. unoriginal

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    I find CBS does a much better job than Fox, though I would guess that much of this has to do with location.
  5. neuronet

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    Good to know.

    Make some heavy noise for Moss!!!
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