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Hi from the n00b

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by ObiWanCanubi, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Hi all.

    Born in Mass, raised in Mass, and will likely die in New England... or reside in N.E. when I bite the big one.

    Love the Pats and Celtics (though I am likely to boycott BB if they strike, did it to hockey and still hate baseball)
    Followed the Pats back to the early 80s when I was a kid. Listened to all the games on the radio because they were so bad the network would black them out for non-sellouts.

    Brady irritates the pissout off me, but he is a great QB. Wouldn't want another.

    I hate the Sox, use to root NY when I cared, still do to piss people off.
    I don't hate the Bruins, but I got introduced to hockey when the Oilers had Grezt, Messier, Kurri, Fuhr and Coffey... still loyal.

    I love fottball/soccer and follow the EPL mostly, love Liverpool. Also watch SerieA often as I can find it. Not loyal but I would say I follow Roma because Totti was the player to get me into italian ball after Baggio bagged it in 94.

    Any questions?

    Oh and I love twitter Jamie Canu (@ObiWanCanubi) on Twitter
    Also XBox, XBL is Obi Wan Canubi with the spaces.

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