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    Mentioned this last month and I noticed it's gotten a little more use recently, but I wanted to post this for those of you who haven't tried it. I started this a couple of seasons ago, and for anyone who isn’t familiar with it, hopefully you'll find it useful and spread the word.

    I started it primarily because there were a lot of categories that aren't really easily available by the league, so I wanted to be able to have access to that information and as it got going, there were other things I wanted to know as well and it's kind of grown from there. For anyone who follows me or the site on Twitter, during the game, most of the numbers and stats that are posted are done due to the data I've compiled here.

    As a result, I obviously put this together and it's been available for everyone here as well.

    Here’s a breakdown of the list of pages that we have for this season, which is updated every Monday night after a final review of the official game book from each contest to confirm their accuracy. It's also reviewed periodically as the league tends to change a play here and there throughout the season. Which I didn't know until I started this. Kind of a pain because I end up having to go back through each game to find it, but at least we end up with reliable data.

    I'm also currently adding a few additional parameters that you'll see in the near future (QB Rating, YAC, etc.) So hopefully that's done soon. But obviously feel free to post any suggestions or requests if you have any ;)

    Anyway, here's the list:


    Main Stats Page: VIEW STATS
    2013 Patriots Season Stats – Sortable by down, quarter, etc.

    Top 10 Offensive Plays – VIEW STATS
    The List of the Patriots’ longest pass/rush plays of the year

    Tom Brady Passing Stats By Quarter – VIEW STATS
    A Page showing Brady’s passing stats for each game by quarter.

    Rushing Stats By Quarter – VIEW STATS
    Select a running back, and then it will show you his stats by quarter from each game.

    Receiving Stats By Quarter – VIEW STATS
    Select a receiver, and then it will show you his stats by quarter from each game.

    Total Offensive Plays By Down and Distance – VIEW STATS
    Wondering how many times the Patriots were in 3rd & 4 this year and how many times they converted the down? This page shows you just that.

    Total Offensive Plays by Distance – VIEW STATS
    Wondering how many times this season the Patriots had a pass play from over 30 yards? Or How many games they had rushes for no gain or a loss? This page has that information.

    Total Offensive Gains By Player Chart VIEW STATS
    Here you can compare each position player and see which receivers have the most catches over 20 yards, or which running back has the most carries this year without picking up a yard.


    2013 Patriots Player Penalties – VIEW STATS
    Pretty self-explanatory - here's a breakdown of all the accepted penalties this season.


    Sortable Defensive Totals By Opposing QB's, RB's, WR's - VIEW STATS
    Wondering which opposing quarterback has had the most success against the Patriots on 3rd down this season? Or the completion percentage for the season opponents have deep down the left side of the field? This page has that.

    Defensive Situational Totals – VIEW STATS
    Here you can see how many times opponents have converted situations like 3rd & 7, etc. as well as the total number of plays run, total second down plays, etc.

    Defensive Plays By Distance Given Up – VIEW STATS
    Here you can see how many games the Patriots have given up pass plays over 20 yards, etc. or rushes over 10 yards, etc.

    Top 15 Defensive Plays Allowed – VIEW STATS
    This page shows the top plays given up for the year including the player, the situation, the direction, etc.

    Also, I have to change the navigation to include last year's totals, which are obviously in there. Just change 2013 to 2012 in your url address area for those.
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    I.M. Moron...how in blazes did I miss THIS????

    exactly what I wanted...thanx Ian..as usual
  3. Jackson 2

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    Great stuff, Ian. Thank you.
  4. IcyPatriot

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    Ummm you've been too busy paving the way in the Jet's suck thread ... :rofl:
  5. FourierSeries

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    Awesome. Thanks!
  6. JoeSixPat

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    Same here - don't know why I haven't been using this more. This is great.

    I feel like a friggen idiot for not knowing this was here... but then again I'm the guy who thought he spent the last few hours watching the Red Sox - turns out it was just a Duck Dynasty marathon.

    Tremendous job Ian!
  7. Ian

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    LOL - it's in that crazy navbar toward the top that says "FULL STATS DATABASE" :D

    Every play from this season and last season are in there, and I put them in every week. I actually have going back to 2009 but I have to go through those seasons again and verify some things to make sure they're as accurate as 2012 & 2013. Plus I've added some additional parameters that aren't in those, so I'll have to do a full audit of them once the season is over and I have some more time.

    At any rate, hopefully you'll see the additional numbers from this season soon and I'll get that done over the bye. But I'm going to be continuing to load this up with as much information as I can, so hopefully it becomes a useful tool for everyone :)
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  8. Bravo777

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    Whoa! This is awesome! I know I'll be spending several hours checking out these stats. Thanks, Ian!
  9. ausbacker

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    Probably because you're a moron? :singing:

    Once again, thank you for providing information far beyond what is necessary Ian. Truly, you are something.
  10. JoeSixPat

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    The toggle feature is great - though when one sorts through some of the offensive stats especially there's reason to be concerned. One simply hopes that a guy like Thompkins begins to have an improving catch percentage as the season wears on. There's no room for drop off this season. Lots of room for improvement.

    If they can improve in a few areas they could be one of the more dominant teams in the NFL. Right now they really aren't. But I do think the NY game will be a needed wake up call for them - and they may respond well!

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