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Great Oden vs Durant article

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by patsfan55, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. patsfan55

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #95 Jersey

    check this out
    def makes me lean even more towards taking oden if we get the first pick (knock on wood)
    besides we have a plethora of guys deserving mins at the 2 and 3 (that i disagree with the writer of this article, i see durant clearly as a 3, no way would he be used at the 2): pierce, tony allen, gerald green, delonte (splitting time at 1 and 2), wally (my celt equivalent to kfaulk and matt clement-guy i dont like on my team)

    with oden our rotation and starters would be very clear
    with durant it would again be hard to see who to get in where


    pg: delonte, rondo....after rotation: telfair
    sg: pierce, allen, wally...ray
    sf: durant, gerald
    pf: big al, gomes...powe
    c: perk, scal

    or IF durant could somehow play the 4:
    pg: delonte, rondo...telfair
    sg: pierce, wally...ray
    sf: allen, gerald
    pf: durant, gomes...powe
    c: big al, perk...scal

    now with oden:
    pg: delonte, rondo...telfair
    sg: pierce, wally...ray
    sf: allen, gerald
    pf: big al, gomes...powe
    c: oden, perk...scal

    i def like the way things set up a lil better with durant at the 4, i just dont think i see him playing there
    either way, i really really really hope we can get one of these guys
    it would be the break this franchise so desparately needs
  2. Real World

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    I'd take either, but prefer Oden. I think Durant is the sexier pick, and will certainly be the flashier player that gets the most hype of the two (over a career). Think Kobe/Garnett/Wade versus Tim Duncan. Duncan isn't as flashed about as the others, but you take him on your team way before the other guys. You just can't pass up a franchise center, and Oden looks to be one.

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