Golic on ESPNR-Caldwell hit not illegal

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  1. CTPatsFan

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    Mike Golic said that the hit on Reche shouldn't have been ruled illegal, it was a shoulder to helmet hit, the Cincy defender clearly turned himself away to make the hit.

    Is it just my Pats colored glasses that lead me to clearly see an obvious helmet to helmet hit? I just haven't seen a clip of that hit that showed it to be anything but.
  2. PatsFaninAZ

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    I wear pats colored glasses too, but my immediate reaction after a couple of replays was, "either that was a bad call or I don't understand the rule."

    None of the replays were that good though -- even in HD it was hard to see.
  3. Amnorix

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    I did NOT see helmet to helmet, and my first reaction was -- although a devastating hit -- why the foul?

    On replay, it appeared to a blow aimed for the head, against a defenseless receiver, and usually they will call that as a penalty.

    My only problem with that is -- the way Caldwell's body was positioned relative to the defender's, I'm not sure how the defender could have delivered a good blow on Caldwell without hitting him in the head.
  4. Brownfan80

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    I thought it was obviously a blow to the head. Helmet to helmet or not, you can't hit a defenseless reciever in the head.
  5. Brownfan80

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    A good point. But I guess it's like the horsecollar rule. Sometimes the only way a defender can get a guy down is to horsecollar him. But it's illegal. So there's the choice: miss the tackle or take the penalty. Same for this situation, I guess.
  6. mtbykr

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    When i first saw the hit i didn't think anything was wrong with it. I saw one replay andn still didn't see anything wrong with it. However last night on Sportscenter (ya ya i know, but i'm not local) they showed the hit and he def went helmet to helmet---it was only from this one angle, but it was pretty clear! However the ref didn't say helmet to helmet when he made the call, he said it was for a head shot on the receiver! None the less that didn't give the pats the game.
  7. PATSNUTme

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    At first look, I thought that it was a bad call.

    But, after looking at the replays, he launched himself at Caldwell and there was a helmet to helmet hit as well as an arm to the head.

    regardless if we like it or not, the ref has to call that- no option. If they let it go we could have another Stingley incident and no one wants that.
  8. Amnorix

    Amnorix On the Game Day Roster

    Yeah, exactly. Not much choice really -- if a receiver gets laid out like that you gotta call something, pretty much.

    I'm thinking that defender gets a fine too, of like 5 grand or something. It's sort of automatic with those kinds of kill shots on defenseless receivers, seems like.
  9. borg

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    Regardless if it was helmet to helmet or shoulder to helmet, I don't believe you can can tackle the head
  10. dhamz

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    It was a penalty.

    Now if you want to argue with the way the rules are enforced that is different.

    BB has been vocal in the past about this exact rule - if a WR can leap to catch a ball but it is a penalty for the DB to leap and hit him, how do you defend it? Launching yourself into a WR in this manner is always going to be called a penalty - helmet to helmet or not.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Is Golic a former defensive player? I think on the one hand defenders admire the ferocity and timing of that hit and don't see the obvious intention to do harm. But on replay the side angle clearly showed helmet to helmet contact and unintentional or otherwise the league wants that called. And whether he turned his body or not he went in high which meant there was a better than even chance that contact would result. DeOssie said on the post game that he was sitting in the booth near where the officials do the reviews and the league official in attendance immediately said "throw the flag". DeOssie also felt it was a great hit whether it resulted in a flag or not, and should have been a game changing impact hit for the Bengals rather than the Pats. But he also felt that Caldwell walking off and gesturing to his teamates that he would be back in helped turned the tables on the impact factor.
  12. CTPatsFan

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    Maybe my bad was that I was thinking he was flagged for helmet-to-helmet instead of a blow to the head. I was too busy flying around the room yelling at the tv to hear the call.
  13. Pats726

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    Hit the nail on the head....absolutely!!! No more of what happend to DS...
  14. Trocadile

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    It's amazing how many commentators don't seem to know the rules. Helmet-to-helmet is not the only reason for calling unnecessary roughness. Launching yourself and delivering a blow to the head is supposed to be a penalty regardless of whether the defender's helmet is involved.
  15. primetime

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    Helmet-to-helmet, arm-to-helmet, and he left his feet to deliver the hit. That's a Jack Tatum on Stingley hit and the unnecessary roughness call was made with justification. He could've caused an incompletion by hitting him hard and wrapping his arms around the body or legs, too.
  16. Bargod

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    That's right. When the back judge called the penalty he wasn't throwing the flag for the helmet to helmet contact. I think that came out of the discussion with the other offials. They added the helmet to helmet.

    I saw helmet to helmet but I also saw contact with his forearms and a guy who just threw his body into the receiver. If it was Rodney Harrison doing the same thing we'd be debating the other way. He crushed Caldwell. If I were a Cincinatti fan I'd feel pretty good about the hit. But you're right, the receiver was defenseless and they will call that every time.
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  17. Murphys95

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    It's your rose colored glasses. :) Envision Rodney as the hitter and then go from there.

    It's the saftey's job to separate the ball from the receiver - he did just that with the hit on Reche. I don't think the helmet to helmet was intentional, just a result of a split second play.

    That being said the penalty flag was fair, and I expect Kaeshviharn to be fined.
  18. Oswlek

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    I am seconding (or thirding) the sentament that it looked legal at first glance, and even on the replay, but on a third viewing with a replay from a different angle is was clear as day that it was a helmet to helmet hit.

    It was so clear that I have to assume that anyone who thinks otherwise must not have seen that replay.
  19. Brownfan80

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    Anyone that thinks otherwise must not understand that it'd have been illegal regardless of the helmet-to-helmet as well. :)
  20. Patti37

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    Zolak reiterated what DeOssie said. They both kept saying, "It's football." DeOssie also said any safety would love to make that hit...John Lynch, Rodney...

    Still, it looked helmet to helmet to me and should be called.

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