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    That's an interesting take on it from an actual player. Thanks for the link.
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    Excellent find. I wonder how many other players in the NFL feel the same way?
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    Strong, but not that far off the mark. Blaming Upshaw for selling them out on guaranteed contracts won't fly. Most players understand it's common sense that a league where teams employ upwards of 80 players per season can't guarantee contracts or they'd go bankrupt. That's not to say some portion of a players earnings couldn't be guaranteed. Signing bonus is designed to cover that contingency, but the lions share of those go to the elite players. And increasingly in the draft it's being funneled to busts. The footsoldiers of the NFL are the ones who continue to take it in the shorts. They risk just as much and often never see any substantial signing bonus money.

    As Felger pointed out yesterday he has yet to find a player in the NFL who feels strongly that Gene's stance over the last few weeks reflects theirs. They don't see this as a crucial juncture with principles at stake so dear to them they are willing to go to the mattresses over them. They are as befuddled as we are by this bunker mentality. And many of them are becoming concerned that Gene's legacy and what he appears perhaps to perceive as a final opportunity to silence his critics is becoming more important to him than either their immediate or long term future. They seem to understand that TV and the popularity of the game has fueled their overall financial success, and damaging that at a historic high point could place them in a position down the road where no percentage of diminished gross revenue could cover the losses.

    I think the announcement yesterday was diplomatically worded, but I think most everyone believes Gene blinked. He has overplayed his memberships hand at every turn on this one, and there is little players can do beyond lashing out publicly. This union is structured differently than that of MLB or other leagues. Team reps have no real say (vote) because all the power is vested in Upshaw. It's probably not a good idea to have two lame ducks (Upshaw and Tags) at the center of these negotiations. Tagliabue at least has to answer almost daily to the 32 guys who write his check. Gene apparently doesn't answer to the guys who write his check.
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    I tend to agree with what is being said..although strong. I am starting to believe that the lame ducks have grabbed the goose out of the fire...Just think of how they would both look if football was changed forever?? (for the bad..that is,,and having no CBA is letting the genie out of the bottle never to return..BAD for everyone!!) I do not think they want that legacy at all. The players should be upset...the footsoldiers who should be getting benefits from it all are getting shafted year after year..shafted by being overlooked in these agreements. Rookies?? They rule and to me that makes no sense..unless one understands how agents have influence be them. Felger was really correct in talking about the lack of outrage among the players about the deal...which to me means that they are pretty satisfied with the system and the way it is. I do think the footsoldiers need to have a better percentage of the money and less to the unproven rookies..but tell Upshaw that. That will never happen...why? Agents's interests seem to come first, But that is just my take. My thought is that one day soon, Upshaw maybe gone and some real changes will occur..not changes to upset the whole thing, but to be a bit more fair to those vets.
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    Watching NFL players open their mouths year after year, I can't say that I come away with the perception that many of them are really prone to deep analysis. I think that, for many of them, it really is about the "bling" and they are easy prey for the agents to manipulate their thinking.

    Take Ty Law as an example. He shot himself in the foot (or more specfically in the Lis Franc joint) by turning down a four year deal with a ton of guaranteed money and accepting 100% of the injury risk during his final year with the Pats. Why? Because the thought of that big bling, bling contract bonus was his only motivation. Even a seeminly smart guy like Adam Vinatieri isn't stopping to consider that he is walking away from lifetime employment (ala Geno Cappiletti) as a broadcaster, or businessman, in the Boston market. Why? Because being the highest paid kicker in the league isn't enough when he could grab the "bling" in a bidding situation.
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    Birk was also on ESPN Radio this afternoon. He reiterated many of the same things which were stated in the article. He also said that the union doesn't ask the players what they want, it tells them what the want. He said he is a former players' rep and even the players' reps don't have a channel to Upshaw. He made it sound like the union is completely out of the control of the people which it ostensibly represents. If that is the case the union must be replaced.
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    I am not sure if Birk is the best person to be talking for the players about the union negotiation.

    Birk is a Harvard graduate and his perspective may be slightly different from most other players'.

    Birk will most likely have good paying career after his playing days are over, probably working at an investment bank earning millions until he retires at 65.

    For most other players, however, their highest earning years are during the years are they are playing in the league. On an average, the NFL career is less than five short years. So I thought it is imperative that the head of the union get the best deal he can for the players.

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    Sometimes you really come out with some headscratchers Mikey. Heavens, no, we wouldn't want somebody edjumacated at no fancy school speaking for dem players.

    .....and girls are the debil!
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    I believe what Birk is saying is that Upshaw should give up and accept the owner's proposal because the players are making a lot of money already.

    I think that's what he is saying.

    And I am saying Birk is not the best person to be criticizing Upshaw.

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    If there were guaranteed contracts with a salary cap, contracts would have to be much smaller. Think Brady's deal and then he breaks his neck. His entire contract counting against the cap for a player who doesn't play anymore. As a union member most of my life, there's always people in that union who feel the leadership could do better. If there was that much anger against Upshaw, the members would dump him. He doesn't have a lifetime job. I think Birk sounds like a dork.
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    I think Birk sounds like a candidate to become the next executive director of the NFLPA.

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