fellow kickers on gost struggles

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    rian lindell has an interesting thought

    "Lindell's first thought is that the Patriots aren't doing Gostkowski any favors.

    ``That field is absolutely horrible, it's awful," he said. ``It's like you're constantly hitting out of a sand trap. When we came in, I was thinking we could escape in Week 1 with a decent field, but the only difference between this year and previous years was that it was a little softer sand. It reminded me of the golf courses I play in Oregon."
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  2. Brownfan80

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    I, for one, enjoyed this read.

    And I did notice during the telecast exactly how bad the field looked..

    When they did that low panning shot that they always do the field looked.. well... fluffy. If that even makes sense. But it did. It looked loosely packed and sloppy, like it was less grass than poorly packed earth sloshing about.

    I'm not sure what the solution to it is, but something really needs to be done. It's one thing to have homefield advantage, but it's another when your home field becomes a disadvantage even to your own team.

    I know the Pats have always loved the bad field late in the season. They think of it as one of their advantages. Cold, messy football on a field that they're used to but the opposition isn't. But really, it's getting out of hand. That field looks horrible and it's Week 3.
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    Lindell is 100% correct. Dammit Kraft, get the soccer plays on a different field.
  4. SVN

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    the amt of money the team has..the least they can do is fix the field for football
  5. Pats_AZ

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    I remember Madden mentioning that MLS is played on the same field. why don't they use the old stadium? it's still there no? I agree with all that the field looked pretty bad for week 3. And TV usually makes the field look a whole lot better too!

  6. mtbykr

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    No I believe Foxboro Stadium was destroyed for a parking lot or something....I could be wrong though!
  7. Brownfan80

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    No, you're correct. There's some sort of plaque on the ground at the spot of AVs snow kick from 2001.
  8. TomBradyWoot

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    there was until someone stole it. I went looking for it last year and one of the parking attendants told me it was stolen but showed me where it was. i'd like to know how they got it out of the ground.
  9. Alk

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    It's just as well that they stole it, it was one of my goals to urinate all over it when I come up there for my first game.
  10. Seymour93

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    A few things...

    There has been a soccer-specific stadium proposal for the Revolution in South Boston.

    BB likes the field the way it is.
  11. Patsgirl_DK

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    The field is bad because thats the way BB want it. Not because of soccer. Soccer doesn´t ruin the field the way this field looks like. Soccer mostly ruins the field around the goal especially there the goalkeeper is standing. This field is ruined all the way up the middle and the only thing that will do that is football. Of course covering the field with plastic for 4 days because of a concert doesn´t help either.

    I don´t think the field gives us any advantage the way it is right now and if they wants to change it the most importent issue would be to stop practicing in the stadium. But I doubt that BB wants that.

    Former players have said that BB sometimes told the players not to worry about kicking the field up because thats the way he likes it.

    Good read BTW. I´m not worried about Gost. I am worried about the field though. Right now it could easily course more injuries (and missed kicks) than needed.
  12. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Any of these kickers have any tips for Gost as to how to handle a kick when your paper-thin protection breaks down allowing a rusher in your face before your foot even comes close to the ball?

    Who cares about lawn care, this is football. The field is perfect save for a slight lack of mud... a little rain, and all will be right with the world. Seely needs to work those guys on kick protection and let's let the landscapers worry about the lawn. Geeze, next thing you know people are going to be talking about intercoms in the helmets because the crowds are too loud, boo hoo. :rolleyes:
  13. edzo44

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    They should only feel sorry for themselves trying to kick on our field!
    At least "Gost" can practice on it as much as he wants or needs, it's his home field so if anything he's got an advantage! He'll come around as soon as people aren't bursting through in his face or snapping them low. Nobody's perfect anyway, you're going to miss some no matter what. He'll come around. Adam missed a few his rookie year too. It all takes time.

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