Dungy wrong but league changes rule back to keep him from crying.

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    "Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy apparently never got the memo.
    Dungy thought he knew the league rules regulating no-huddle offenses, so he was irate Sunday at the Meadowlands when he argued the Colts defense should be given time to substitute after the Jets made personnel changes while running the no-huddle. He lost the argument and the Colts had to burn a timeout.
    When he pursued that matter further last week, he found there had apparently been a little-publicized change to the rules in the 1990s."

    "Thursday, the league did an about-face and the officiating office notified all 32 teams that the rule’s original intent would be honored."
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    which means what...if the no-huddle team makes substitutions..the D can?? So..Dungy crying again..I can not believe Borges would take him..he's a LOSER!!
  3. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    Who is in charge of changing these rules like this?

    In the middle of the season, they just instantly change a rule to benefit the Colts?

    This happened a couple years ago when the league instantly changed the field goal rules because Vrabel signalled a time-out in the Cardinals game when he didn't have any left.

    Who is actually making these decisions, and what is the process that takes place? It seems rather subjective that they just change whatever rule they want in the MIDDLE of the season.
  4. nhpatsfan

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    This is getting to be embarrassing.
  5. RayClay

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    I believe the excuse will be the old "interpretation" of the rule.

    They haven't started changing the calls retroactively, as far as I know.......Yet!
  6. SamBam39

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    dungy's been an embarrasment his whole life.

    tamps let him go after he repeatedly failed witha superbowl team, and they won it all as soon as they got rid of him. now the fem is doing it with his pansy colts.

    his ears alone make him a laughing stock, never mind his effeminate behavior.
  7. brady2brown

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    The time out thing was a rule change. BB had requested the change in the off season, but the committee denied it. So BB used the unchanged rule to his advantage. Immediately, the league changed the rule.

    Not sure if the Pats won or lost in this. Yeah, the rule was changed to prevent something the Pats were doing, but if you look at the larger picture, maybe BB was just getting his point across and forced the league to approve the change he initially asked for.
  8. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    But does anybody know who is behind these 'instant' rule changes/interpretations/adjustments that are occuring DURING the season.

    What are the names of the people that have the authority to actually do this stuff without the approval of the owners?
  9. lobster

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    The rule itself wasn't changed, just the "interpretation" by the officials. I believe the rule they are referring to is:
    With the exception of the last two minutes of either half, the offensive team, while in the process of substitution or simulated substitution, is prohibited from rushing quickly to the line and snapping the ball with the obvious attempt to cause a defensive foul; i.e., too many men on the field.
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  10. rtunstal

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    What is amazing is that the colts do it all the time. payton is famous for it. Now the shoe is on the other foot and they dont like it :enranged:. the rest of the leauge must hate the colts because they always get thier way.
  11. Alk

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    For once I just wish the NFL would slap this loud mouth crybabye upside the head and tell him to STFU.
  12. BradyManny

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    WTF. Will the NFL will do whatever it takes to get the Colts a goddamn championship? Why do they always capitulate to Dungy's demands? I guess anything in the name of more offense these days in the NFL :rolleyes:
  13. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm bumping this post because I still would like to know WHO is actually making these decisions in MIDSEASON to change rules or interpretations?

    Is it the Competition Committee?

    We have a few people at this site who like to be experts in a lot of football related topics, so here's a chance to display some knowledge.

    How does the process work to change rules or interpretations in the MIDDLE of the season, without authorization from the owners????????????
  14. workhorse

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    Man how many threads do you need about this?

    The Colts did not do this all the time. What the Colts would do is snap the ball if the defense tried to sub during the no huddle when the Colts had not subbed. I have been to games before when the officials would not put the ball in play until the defense had an opportunity to sub if the Colts had subbed as well.

    You're right. The Colts were familiar with the way the league had been handling the no huddle and subbing since they had been doing it for so long. They have had discussions with the league about what they could do when running it and were told that they had to allow the defense to sub when the offense subbed, except in the last 2 minutes of the half. They were free to run their offense however they wanted if they did not sub, thus the penalties against the defense when they would get caught subbing. Here is a link that hits on the fact that the Colts were told as much. The thing that Tony was mad about is he was told he had to run his offense by a certain standard, but a team that his team was playing didn't have to play by that same standard.

    The thing about this is, even if you think that they are changing the rules, this really helps teams playing the Colts more than the Colts. The Colts were the first in recent years, and still one of the few, that run a lot of no huddle. So this enforcement helps the teams playing against the Colts' no huddle. There is no doubt now that they must be allowed to sub when the Colts sub. If you think that they Colts were the ones trying to catch teams subbing after the Colts subbed, I disagree with you, but now there is no way that they can do it. So this would hurt the Colts if that is your mind set.
  15. mtbykr

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    Workhorse, you are an intelligent poster...however please try to understand this from our perspective. Everytime the dolts want something done their way, the NFL goes out of their way to do it. Now usually it happens in the off-season, but now they are doing it during the season. The couldn't change the rule, so they decide to follow the "spirit of the rule" as Dungy suggested. The irony here is that it is a rule in which the dolts normally try and catch defenses--and now it happened to them.

    The dolts can keep getting things changed to their favor, and we will keep winning rings!:rocker:
  16. workhorse

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    I do understand. I think the Colts, mostly Polian, get more press coverage about their complaints. I think most teams do a fair amount of complaining to the league, but for some reason Polian allows/wishes it to be known by the media. This is really the first time I recall that Dungy has been so vocal. But once again I will point out that this enforcement will not benefit the Colts. All this does is makes sure that everyone calls it the same way.
  17. lobster

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    From this article it seems it was the game officials who didn't know the rule, and Dungy was right to complain. However Dungy should not have done so in public - the NFL is very clear about that.

    However for Dungy to now say the Defense should get "ample time to substitute" is definitely trying to push the rules! The other clubs should complain about that, but privately. The Defense should probably not take longer to substitute than the Offense takes.
  18. workhorse

    workhorse Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I don't think that he was trying to say the defense should be given more time than the offense, just a realistic amount of time to make subs.
  19. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    My understanding of this is that the officials DID know the rule just fine, and that the interpretation for the rule had been clarified to them in the 1990's. Dungy was simply not on the same page, from what I have read. So the 'powers that be' once again re-interpreted the rule as Dungy requested. Whether Dungy was smart enough to think of the long term reprecussions to his no-huddle offense is irrelevant.

    I could be wrong, but this is how I have seen the issue presented.
  20. lobster

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    Frankly Dungy seems like a jerk.
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