Devin McCourty Postgame Press Conference Transcript

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    Devin McCourty Postgame Press Conference Transcript
    By: Ian Logue

    Here's a transcript from Devin McCourty's postgame press conference...

  2. Triumph

    Triumph Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    The Matador?

    Hes gone from being one of the worst CBs in league to one of the worst Safeties in league.
  3. Elijah

    Elijah Supporter Supporter

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    Are you kidding me? Dennard was the real culprit yesterday and it's not even close.
  4. Jared

    Jared On the Game Day Roster

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    This is a bit unfair. While McCourty has had struggles in coverage (dissected here thoroughly) he is an EXCELLENT tackler and very strong in run defense. Also you can usual count on him to catch balls that are thrown at him, something you can't say for a lot of DBs.

    Am I disappointed he has significantly regressed from his rookie year? Of course. But this sort of post is completely antithetical to having reasonable football discussions, and is a great example of why I don't post here nearly as much as I used to.
  5. Rob0729

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    He went from an above average CB to a decent safety. As a CB, he has allowed opposing QBs to complete less than 50% of the passes in his direction. That isn't even close to to what the worst CB in the league is giving up and far less than Arrington's 80 something percent.

    I still think personally that depending on the opposing team's personnel, I want him back at CB because he and Talib make a pretty good CB tandem.
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