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Denver Broadcaster Sound Bite

Discussion in 'Patriot Nation' started by klusk66, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Jan 17, 2012
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    Hi Everyone!

    Wondering if anyone heard the sound bite from Gresh and Zo on a Denver Broadcaster, apparently commenting on the Shaun Ellis sack of Tim Tebow. It was hilarious, and I wonder if anyone knows where to find the bite. Apparently the broadcaster said "And Tim Tebow runs right into the sack of Shaun Ellis". A classic!! HAHA!

    My friend and I have a drinking game. In any Patriots broadcast, when you hear innuendo like this you repeat the innuendo and declare DRINK! So, in this case you would say "he said he ran into Shaun Ellis' sack... DRINK!"

    Anyway, I know, there has to be a million more productive, more intelligent games to play, but this one is fun, you have to admit. You'd be surprised how many phrases like this are thrown out in broadcasts. Well anyway, just trying to have fun.

    GO PATS!!!! Avenge the dirty birds!!!
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