Colts and Chargers - Could be San Diego's official burial for playoff hopes?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Gotta root for the Colts in this game as a loss would end San Diego's hopes of the playoffs and since they beat us I think its one less team to worry about losing a tiebreaker to.

    Granted the Colts beat us too but you would have to think Indy is going to make the playoffs anyway as probably a #5 wild card team and also they have a weak schedule remaining after this game so a loss to SD leaves #6 open for the Patriots if we don't win the East division
  2. KontradictioN

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    I gotta root for the Chargers in this one. For one, it's extremely hard for me to root for the Colts. For another, San Diego is all but out of the race already and I truly believe that if the Colts get the #5 spot, we will not be getting into the playoffs.
  3. ICSB

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    I hope my Colts (they have to be) sick and tired of losing close ones against those guys. A play or two on our side last season and we may win those games.

    We got the momentum right now, get it done please on Sunday night. Don't care how, get it done.

    I am cautiously optimistic.

    Oh and I can't stand the Chargers either.
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  4. BradyFTW!

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    I'll be rooting for the Chargers. Even though I think the Chargers are a bunch of friggin whiners, whereas I respect the Colts, a Colts loss directly helps our playoff chances.
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  5. jcdavey

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    it's a primetime home game so sd probably wins it

    that's the only game our team shows up for, as you well know
  6. jmt57

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    I have to disagree, it makes more sense to root for the Chargers in my opinion. San Diego is 4-6; they win and they are still behind the Pats. Indy is 6-4, so it benefits the Pats for the Colts to lose and fall a game behind in the wild card standings. In addition I can't see the Chargers making the playoffs as a wild card; the AFC West is only sending one team to the playoffs this year.
  7. SVN

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    colts are more dangerous in the playoffs so if it helps them keeping out i would root for a loss for the colts as much as i despise the chargers.but chargers passing D isnt playing well so it maybe a shootout.
  8. Dino 6 Rings

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    Having seen both teams play, I think the Colts have the better team right now.

    They can move the ball effectively with the passing game against the Chargers defense, I mean if Big Ben for the Steelers can have 300 yards passing in a game, I imagine that Payton will just have a field day against the Chargers. That puts the chargers and Norv Turner into a situation where they will need to score fast, and they'll most likely leave the running game too early and leave it up to Rivers to win the game. Has he ever won a "big" game? I can't remember if he has. Anyway, I think the Colts will win this thing, probably by putting up 35 points and holding SD to about 24.
  9. T_Brady12

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    Peyton has never won in San Diego, has he?

    Either way though, I'm hoping for a Chargers win. This would put the Pats 1 game up on the Colts, and still 2 up on San Diego when they beat Miami earlier in the day.

    Also, if Baltimore lost to Philly, that would be splendid. :)
  10. BoTown

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    Sounds like Bob Sanders is out this week. Of course, if it were against the Patriots, he would absolutely be active and starting. :rolleyes:
  11. Sivy

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    I'll be rooting for peyton to throw 6ints...I dont knwo, being the mvp of the nfl this year, it may be unlikley.
  12. Disco Volante

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    Rooting for the Chargers.

    Don't want the Colts in the playoffs, and don't see the Chargers making it anyways. Colts are in way too comfortable WC position right now.
  13. SoCal Pmen

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    I'm rooting for a tie. They do have ties in football right? :D
  14. jcdavey

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    yes donovan haha
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