BSMW takes aim at BCN Pats show

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Good take. Talks about how in Milori's column Tanguay says they aren't Pom-Pom wavers.

    From BSMW:
    Here's a little tip though, guys. When a team goes out and dominates like the Patriots did on Saturday night, and you're on the air going out of your way trying to find things to criticize so that you won't be a "ball-washer", you just sound like an idiot...Being objective is great, but for so many media types, it means being "critical". They're not the same thing
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    I wasn't going to start a new thread with this because it just feeds their egos, but since one has been started already...

    Out here in Western MA, if I want to listen to any sports talk prior to the game, I can choose FSR, which is probably still talking about T.O. right now, or WBCN and at least here something on the Pats. Sadly, it's not even that hard of a decision. During this pre-game show, the board's arch-nemesis had this to say:

    and this

    Both refer to NE's FO in their dealings with Branch.

    Gresh also had a long-winded (is there any other way?) point about how many of Brady's passes last year went to WRs, and DB in particular. It was actually pretty well reasoned, but it ignored the differences in the situations. In 2005, NE

    * Couldn't run the ball. It is so much easier to get TEs involved in the passing game if the D respects the run.

    * Lost Graham for much of the season due to injury. Even when he played, he was still hurt and he had to help the OL with all of their injuries.

    * Didn't have anywhere near the TE weapons that they have now. Thomas and Mills for Fauria; Watson looks much better; Graham will hopefully stay healthy.

    * I mentioned it above, but it deserves its own point. The OL was in shambles, so that pulled a lot of TE passing plays out of the playbooks.

    * Faulk missed 9 games. Dillon missed 4, Pass proved nearly useless after the first Buffalo game. Think that migh account for the lack of passes to RBs?

    Nobody brought up any of these counterpoints.
  3. kptmorgan04

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    I wont listen to anything that has ron borges on board, he just pisses me off when the whole object of listening and watching a football team is enjoyment... I like Zolak, but will am looking forward to listening to the new WEEI broadcast.
  4. Ichiro

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    I've been over this issue before. Its a disgrace that the Patriots sponsor this show on BCN. Last week, listening to Gresh, I almost brokedown after the Redskins game. The amount of Patriot bashing was too much. Gresh is a Steeler fan. I'm an objective fan but the combination of Borges and Gresh is horrible. It would be like if Pete Sheppard and Fred Smerlas hosted a Indianapolis Colts show.
    I wrote an e-mail to the Pats front office via their website. I encourage everyone who feels the same to send in their thoughts on the matter. Hopefully our combined voices can make a change.
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  5. Slagathor

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    #22 Jersey

    The Boston sports media is being filled with a bunch of hacks. Specifically the guys covering the Pats.

    I'm actually puzzled at the fact that the Krafts apparently rubber-stamped WBCN's pre and post broadcast crew.

    These guys are horrible!

    Some of fat-Gresh's analysis (who annoys me to no end-as I can stand people who yell incessantly):

    "There is no way Patick Pass in not on this team." Altough I think Pass will still be on the team, I think the rise of Cobbs may make Pass expendable. On that note he also doesn't see Pass making the team at all.

    Also-"Randall Gay is won make the cut".

    No offense but I expect at least a little bit of Yahoo-ism on my home teams broadcasts. I get some much negativity on the gteam from other mediums, I'd like to have someone out there promote the team a little bit.
  6. Hoodie

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    Or maybe they'll read our comments on this board. the BCN pregrame show is awful. Zolak is ok but Gresh is a loud mouth and a blowhard and I can't believe the Pats employ that other idiot. I don't even want to say his name.
  7. Hoodie

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    BTW -- Molori's got to be kidding when he calls Tomase "brave" for asking BB a question after he said he wouldn't talk about it. Is it brave to irritate the interviewee so that he walks off the stage and you get zero additional info?

    Reporters are supposed to be resourceful. I think he could have handled it a different way.
  8. Drewwho

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    The BCN Show is a complete waste of time for anyone!

    All they talked about Saturday night was Brady missed receivers and he looked off and on and on they went. Tanguay and the other morons on that show mentioned it about 1000 times. Like last year, it will be just a matter of time they bring up the Brady is hurt crap. Yeah, he was hurt'in big time in leading the league with over 4000 passing yards.

    Tanguay is a completed idiot - as are Zolak and that other moron who I don't even remember the name of - you know the guy that looks like Jaba the Hut!

    How, H O W do these guys keep getting work???? Anyone!?!?!?!?
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  9. Slagathor

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    I think alot of these guys like Tanguay, get jobs because they've got good pipes.

    Tanguay, Dickerson and Jabba are all part of the same talentless clique.

    They seem to want to emulate guys like Borges and Felger, so what you end up with are these brainless contrarians.

    One thing I can guarantee you is none of these guys does their homework.
  10. zippo59

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    Smerlas and DeOssie are by far my favorite analysts of the Pats. I try to listen to them at any opportunity I can. Smerlas is somewhat of a homer but he gets me excited about the Pats and he actually gives good information and analysis. Same with DeOssie except he is much less of a homer; he picked the Colts to win in the divisional playoff game against us in 2005 and still hasn't lived it down.
  11. I'm Ron Borges?

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    It's his job as a beat reporter to ask tough questions that are newsworthy, not ask what number some stiff will be wearing. Patriots fans aren't used to it because all the media cowards are scared of Belichick but that's the way it is in every other city. Good reporters ask tough questions. I don't particularly love Thomase but I give him credit for asking about the news instead of, "Bill, can you asses the running game?"
  12. zippo59

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    It's not the fact that he asked the question, it was the time and place that he asked it. It was a post-game press conference, meabing Belichick was supposed to be talking about THE GAME. In that case questions about his assessment of the running game are completely appropriate while questions about Branch's holdout are not. Belichick holds pretty much daily press conferences where issues like that can be discussed. I would imagine that the press conference he held after the unveiling of the news was pretty much predominantly about that, so it's not like he hasn't talked about it.
  13. Pats67

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    Bullsh**. The reporters job is to get the story. And anybody worth their salt knows you get nothing from Belichick in that situation. "Asking the tough question" is all about appearances. Notice the guys who "ask the tough questions" seem to turn up on every radio and TV show in the six-state region. I don't suppose those two things are related, do you?
  14. mgcolby

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    No it is not! most football towns sugarcoat their team with a few exceptions, New York, Washington (the post but only because they hate Snyder) and Dallas, there may be one or two more but most small market teams get by with relative ease.

    But for some reason you consitently confuse what the role of the media is. Yes, it is to ask tough questions and to be objective, it is not meant to be an entire op-ed piece (which you seem to prefer). The point of this thread is to show that most of the folks who cover the Pats in Boston are in either one or both of two camps. 1. They hate the Pats FO because they don't do their job for them. 2. They are complete idiots when it comes to football or are unprepared so they look like idiots (either way). In Gresh's case you could create a third category and say they would rather cover another team.

    The more you post the more I believe you are Borges you hate the most respected Pats beat writer and defend the clueless ***holes, sometimes to such a degree that you come across as personally offended by our criticism of certain writer's.
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  15. Slagathor

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    #22 Jersey

    Totally correct.

    After 6 years with BB was Tomase expecting Bill to say, "Well John, here's what going on with the Deion Branch situation....."

    Tomase's questions was nothing but self-serving, and an opportunity for him to get a bunch of "atta-boys" from his fellow scribes.

    It maybe the job of the media to get the story, but they also have to recognize that the Patriots, as a business, have established a code of coduct with reagrds to how they deal with their players.
  16. PromisedLand

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    Speaking of media hacks, did anyone else notice Joe Theismann's brilliant insight after Bret Favre fumbled on his first touch? Joe opined,

    "Bret did NOT want to put the ball on the ground."

    Really, Joe? I thought he did it on purpose.
  17. Slagathor

    Slagathor 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    Let's be honest here. Thomase isn't reporting about atrocities in the middle east. No information that the Pats are witholding is a threat to national interest safety and security.

    He's a sports reporter. If the team and BB decide that they don,t want specific info divulged, that's the way it should be.

    Although I'd like to hear about some of the inside activities going on with the team, I'm not gonna jump off a bridge because I don't know the severity of Jackson's hammy injury.

    The only reason Thomase requires this is because it's his dumb job to do so. If Belichick is pissed because information he doesn't want divulged leaks out, then Thomase desrves to be treated like a turd.
  18. AzPatsFan

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    What ridiculous pablum IRB. Read the 'Skins press. Never a hard word is said, and every day for 365 days a year, there are at least one and usually three articles on the Skins including the end of February, March off season.

    You think tough reporting is merely "*****ing"? That is not journalism of any sort... And sports is fun and relaxation and escapism from day to day important issues. . Quite frankly I don't give a ruddy damn who is sleeping in whose bed; what some posturing agent said; or even how much a guy is getting paid. And certainly I subscribe to the old dictum, I don't want to see laws, sausage or contracts being made, close up...

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