Bill Burt: "Patriots will beat the Jets,I guarantee it"

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 3, 2010.

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    I don't like hearing guarantees from players and think it's pretty much meaningless. But it really is meaningless coming from a columnist who has no direct impact on the game. At least a player could practice a bit more or focus a bit more and control what happens on the field. This guy is just guessing.

    And in typical media fashion, if the Pats win, he'll act as if he knows all. If they lose, he'll blame BB because clearly they should have won the game and there's no way his prediction is at fault, and the only way he could be proven wrong is the coach did an awful job.

    It's the same reason that coach of the year usually comes from the team that rises above expectations. It's a way for the media to cover up the fact that they totally screwed up when it came to their predictions. We picked this team to finish last but they finished first. Maybe we're stupid? No, let's say the coach did a tremendous job and none of us could have seen that!
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    Actually Bill Burt is a big Belichick backer, going back to before the Super Bowls. I guarantee you he won't blame Belichick if they lose. :) Burt's more of a whacky out-on-a-limb-to-get-attention guy (mission accomplished) than a know-it-all. This is one of his better columns as far as supporting his opinion -- i'm not confusing it with in-depth analysis or anything, but I think his point about beating top competition is a good one.
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    Way to jinx the game d-bag! :mad:

    I'll have to try and counteract it!

    Jets will beat the Patriots, I guarantee it.
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    Even more impressive than the victories, particularly over San Diego, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis was the way they did it. They crushed each team in the first half, on both sides of the ball.​

    He obviously didn't watch the San Diego game.
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    A guarantee from a guy who has two first names for a name is pretty much useless.
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    Burts a clown, how about the time Bettis was on Leno saying they were going to beat the Pats and the next day Burt was on weei berating Bettis for giving the Pats bulletin board material, problem was the show was a year old rerun, or how about the time he was hosting the show and instead of giving out the station tel number he blurted out his home niumber, theres a long list of BBurt goofs, the guys a clown *****. That said I think the Pats do win this game.
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