Behind the Blue Curtain

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NovaScotiaPatsFan, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Got bored, figured I'd stop by some Colts sites and see what the faithful are saying. (Special Comments by me in Italics)

    Enjoy. :D

    When is the Super Bowl ticket drawing?

    Go Colts!!! Superbowl baby!!! Yeah!
    Colts 31
    Pats 21
    Whoa whoooo!!

    Wow this one wins an award for the most elegant troll ever. You almost had me until you painted the Colts opponents in the playoffs as being much less forboding then that of the Pats.

    It's nice to see a player (LT) call out this guy. (BB) It's something the media has been afraid of for a long time. It's makes me sick how the media, who aren't very classy themselves, cow tow to this *******. BB and his team of classless morons are exactly what the NFL is all about, apparently. BB is a great failure as a human being

    Even Ditka just now on Mike & Mike said the same thing...classless (Well if Ditka Said it...)

    The Pats win because hte whole thing is rigged.

    he (LT) said what we all know about Belicheck

    Too bad they didn't run into Plummer somewhere along the line this year. He always seems to make Brady look like the ***** he is. Oh well, guess I have to hop the Colts bandwagon this week....until the SuperBowl.

    DON'T Sell TIX to PATs Fans.
    C'mon Indy. You're BETTER than this. A TON of you so-called Colts fans have SEASON tickets up for sale to the highest bidder (Pats fans - since they're investing more to get here). I could ALMOST understand if they were nose-bleed, or a single-seat tickets... but they're NOT. And, you can tell who the ticket BROKERS are (and the local ones should have 2 prices: Colts fan discount & Pats fan premium). So, if you had an ounce of DIGNITY, you'd seek out COLTS fans who need them FIRST. TONS of TRUE BLUES want your tickets. Besides, what's a couple more bucks, really? Is that worth SELLING OUT? And, for those with season tickets, I doubt you're hurting that BAD for money anyway. THINK ABOUT IT first, that's all I'm saying. 'Home-field advantage' should BE just THAT. Show some Colts PRIDE... c'mon INDY! (Yeah! Only sell them to people living in Southern California! We all see how well that worked!)

    can't we get, oh, say, 10,000- 20,000 fans downtown, just before game time, lined up around the stadium? can you imagine the NE fan(s) walking through like they need to find a bathroom? I like the Braveheart bit- I'd really like to see irsay and peterson hire 80-90 actor-types to forage about before the game. TRUE BLUE, proud and showing it! (Do I even need to make fun of this?)

    Fess up. Which of you that have tickets for the AFC Title Game are going to drop your trousers (Something Colts fans are acustomed to) and sell them off for a profit? Possibly letting Patriot fans into the Dome. (He talks about Patriots fans like they're Terrorists) The Polian has said time and again that this cannot become a football city if this occurs.'s time to step up. Don't disappoint The Polian. The Polian has spoken. (Sounds like Anni has a Colts clone)

    When the Colts defeat the Pats on Sunday, it should be the last we hear about how Peyton can't get past New England and so on. (I didn't know they had Sundays in frozen Hell)

    The Colts slogan of Make It Personal seems appropriate for this game. This game against New England has become personal. Its about being together as friends and family rooting for our Colts. (*sniff* brings a tear to me eye) The arrogance of the east vs. the blue collar midwest. (BAHAHAHAHAHA) Maybe its because I live in New England, but this game is more than just a game for me this weekend. I am coming back to Indy for this game to cheer alongside my dad and brother. Does anyone else feel the same way I do? (What you mean attracted to your cousin?)

    Living in Cowboy country, I don't get a lot of Colts news, so I sought this forum out to see what the more well informed were saying. (Well informed on a Colts board?)

    Obnoxious, arrogant, rude, and has a grudge against the world. This is the typical Pats fan.

    Yes, there are not enough people in Massachusetts who can read to keep a message board going.

    Colts 77
    Pats 9

    Colts are just plain better than the Pats (I remember how much better they were the last two times we played them too.) This game has lost a bit of its intrigue. The Pats are still good, just not the on the same level as the 03 and 04 Superbowl teams. Some commentators forget the Colts have convincingly beat the Pats two games in a row -- in NE. With this game being played in the RCA Dome, the Pats' chances are further reduced. Due to scheduling, the Colts will have a full day of more rest than the Pats. (The Colts played Saturday, the Pats Sunday.) That's another nice advantage for the Colts, particularly this time of year. When you add that to the fact that the Colts will get to sleep in their own beds, won't have travel on buses or planes to get to some hostile enviroment and will get to play in front of their own freakishly Superbowl lusting fans in one of the loudest enviroments in sports you've got to like the Colts chances.

    I am really looking forward to a heck of a game and Colts win.... That long awaited Super Bowl appearance is looking better and better.... (They let the loser of the Championship game in to the Superbowl now?)

    This is by far our best shot at the Super Bowl. The Colts will be favored by atleast 5 points. (Oh man, at least 5 AT LEAST) That dosen't matter though. You know the verterans will have the entire team fired up and focused. They realize that this may (will) be their last shot. They have to get it down. They will get it down. (down?)

    Get the playoff monkey off our back Dump the lable that Manning cant win the big game And finally get to the Super Bowl!!

    The Pats got every break in that SD game

    I can easily see the horses running away with this one. Colts by 15...

    This is the team we wanted, we're one game from the superbowl, this is Peyton's time to shine. We finally have the Pats in the dome. (Remember Willie?) Time to get that monkey off the back, and I think we can do it.

    It'll all be worth it next Sunday evening.

    This is by far our best shot at getting to the Bowl. Having the Pats come to Indy for the AFCC Game is all we could ask for. This is the opportunity the exorcise many demons all at once. This is it gang! We will beat the Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE ARE SO GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL. The pattsies looked horrible tonight.

    It's time to take it to another level 12th Man!!!!!!!!!! Let's show them it's OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time to get that ring for Peyton. (A High School GED ring?)

    The defense took down two of the best backs in the league. (While we took out the best) Gave one of the best defensive efforts in playoff history against KC Went into Baltimore and SLUGGED it out with the number 1 defense in their back yard NE beats SD and the Indy will host its first ever AFC championship game. NE and Colts once again but this time its at the dome not in the Freezer they call Foxboro. (Can't have baby Peyton getting all cold) Thisis setting up for a magical finish. We have solved NE twice in a row onthe road. (In the regular season) This is a game we can surely winand the Dome will be rocking. (You mean the same dome where the Colts had to take a Timeout on Offence this year cuz their fans wouldn't stop cheering?) This game will be the biggest home game in Indy History even including the home games in the 2000 NBA finals. Demons can be exercised in a huge way! I cant be any more pumped than I am right now!!!!!! (These guys really like exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    End of Part 1
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    Behind the Blue Curtain - Part Duh?

    You got that right. Peyton, earn your money baby. You have had success versus them before (BAHAHAHAHA) and i see no reason why it cant continue. Shut the people up next week! (Peyton: You mean the Colts fans? Will do!)

    Thanks to Mr. Irsay for your commitment to building a truly quality football team (Did Bob Kraft change his name tp Irsay?), You knew it would take time and you just kept working to build an outstanding franchise (Oh my God, OH MY GOD he means the Colts! Bahahahaha) that the City and State can be proud of and along the way you have continued to build your fan base and it keeps growing. (How many season tickets did you guys sell this year?)

    Vinatieri wins it 27-24 as the clock expires...

    i would have actually rather played the chargers


    Let's also remember those losses were away, not in the dome. (I think it's funny they're so stupid they have to remind each other of that.)

    I am in agreement that the "magical season" feeling is alive and well. (How the Hell can you get more magical than the Pats?) Getting an invite to the big dance is what this team deserves (Sentences like this make my head explode) and I look forward to seeing Manning finally get rid of some historical demons. Colts 27 - Pats 21.

    Call me what you will, and I know the history, but I can see the horses really running away with this one. (running a way down to the golf course) The Pats really don't intimidate the Colts any longer... imho. And I am not overconfident... I can just see it happening!

    It will be a tough game, but I'm sure we can win it. The Colts haven't lost a home game all year.

    I like the chance we have against a Pats team traveling to our house.
    It's much better than if the Colts had to travel to SD, who IMO has a better overall team. They just didn't play like it.

    I have faith that at home, the will to win after everything that has happened to us over the years will conquor all. This will be Manning and Dungy's moment to shine.

    I not only believe we can win this, I believe that we will win this. We beat the Patriots in Foxboro this year. But, more then that we match up better against the Patriots then we do against the Chargers. If the Chargers had won, I would be worried. (Good, the less worried you are the more upset and shocked you'll be.) But, I believe that when the Patriots get here next Sunday they will go home for the year.

    The Colts are due for an offensive explosion. I see us scoring atleast 35 points. My prediction - Colts 37 Pats 20

    23-7 Colts

    the Colts have beaten the Pats IN Foxborrow (Where?) two seasons in a row. As long as the D comes to play like they did the previous two games, the Colts have a VERY good chance and I don't foresee Peyton playing panicky against the Pats. The Colts have won two games in a row against them so he knows they can be beat.

    So I have a friend who's a Pats fan (we've reached a bit of a truce actually so all is well) and as a bit of a spy I would like to report that the biggest fear of his regarding his team is Jake Plummer. So my not so serious suggestion is to sign Plummer quickly and have him trade time with Peyton. The Pats just don't know what to do with him and it will definitely increase our chances of winning. They so fear Jake the Snake! (IQ: Peyton's Jersey #)

    Forget the PC crap. I have respect for the Pats as a team, blah blah blah... The important thing is we're going to win this game by double digit points and Brady's going to be a bruised, beaten, and battered mess by the time we get through with him. All that backlash about Brady and the Pats owning us is going to come to a head on Sunday...and I can't wait to see our defense take it out on them. (And that poster's name: Shawne Merriman. And now you know the rest of the story.)

    Hello, my old friends. Jets fans are rooting for you BIG TIME this week. Over at JetNation, we're all changing our avatars to Colts stuff. It won't make any difference, but it annoys our resident Patsies fans. (Loser Jets fans on their side! Wicked!)

    If we don't come out like a bunch of P.O'd banshees, I will NEVER watch another Colt game. There will be NO REASON not to come out and start smacking people around and making hard-hitting, ball jarring tackles while having the offense control the clock. (And I could possibly see that happening if Polian hadn't drafted midgets.) And I have a hunch Peyton will have the game of his life. (Oh this will be one he remembers alright.) He's had two bad ones and now he faces the team that everyone teases/mocks him about for years. Don't think he will let us down in this one. Not this time. (No no, all the other times sure, sure he let us down, but the 48th time is always the charm))

    If there is even a 1% NE fan base at the Dome I will be disappointed. (PREPARE THE DISSAPOINTEMENT RAY SCOTTY!)

    Brady with a miraculous performance??? What a Pat-noob. Puh-lease.
    Brady had a crappy performance last night, but he did what he had to do to bring the team back, even though the Chargers pretty much handed it to them and he took advantage of it. Peyton did what HE had to do against the Ravens, getting within Adam's range 5 times. So, please don't tell me that Brady had a great game and Peyton had a poor game. Both didn't play up to their level, but they both played well enough to help their team win. What a maroon!

    Hey Colts...Please whip on the PATS!!! Coming for a die hard raider fan here, I hope you guys kill the pats, i'll be rooting for you guys to go all the way to the SB (Oh God I thought the Jests and Squeeler's fans were good but an honest to God faiders fan!!!)

    Thanks, the Pats aren't making many friends, they have to be one of the least liked dynasties of all time. I think most of the world will be rooting for us next weekend. (You're right, most of the world....of makebelieve.)

    Championship Tailgate thread I know it's early , but I cannot contain myself! This will be a Tailgate for the ages, for it will be of Historic proportions!!!!

    I'm pumped for the biggest party the Hurst parking lot has EVER seen!! (Isn't a Hurst what they put dead careers in?)

    Depending on the outcome of the game,there might be a special retirement ceremony... (I consider myself to be the luckiest Colts QB ever...)

    I'm buying a bottle of Dom this week and several bottles of cheapbubbly for the postgame celebration. (These guys make Chargers Trolls look cohearant.)
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    Re: Behind the Blue Curtain - Part Duh?

    That one, above, is my favorite. My possible responses could be:

    1)......and you know, the Hurst parking lot has had some LEGENDARY parties!

    2) I never could get into the Hurst parking lot. The bouncers never liked what I was wearing.

    3) Screw the invite to the Mansion from Hef, I'm heading to the Hurst Parking Lot!

    4) My wife just asked me whether she should go with the Versace or the Halston for the Gala at the Hurst.

    Man, I love India-No-Place! :D
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    Re: Behind the Blue Curtain - Part Duh?

    5) He's only pumped for the Hurst happening? WTF . . . he should be jacked.
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    Re: Behind the Blue Curtain - Part Duh?

    Do you mean Jacked or JACKED UP!!!!


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