Balt/Buff and Colts/fins game moved to 4:15

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. SVN

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    kinda effects our game if BB wanted to check the scores of the other team in deciding what to do with his starters..
    on the other hand...colts have an adv. if pats win they play their starters else they can just tank the game
  2. PatsDeb

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    I hadn't thought about this angle. I have been arguing that BB would just assume we were 4th and rest key starters, but maybe he wants to force the Colts to play their starters to tire them out for the first round. Who knows?
  3. Patsfanin Philly

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    The Colts have had plenty of experience doing that lately........
  4. PatsWickedPissah

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    I saw Manning's interview at the gym. Threw his D under the bus. Said that unlike the NBA, it's too bad that players (he and his cap hoging wideouts) can't play both ways. As if he could play D, the cap hoging prima.
  5. scout

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    This very well could be the Colts last year in the playoffs. I know I had picked the Jags to win that division, and in the end, I think the Jags are the better team. Next year, the Jags will be better as will the Titans, while the Colts are not. I see this losing trend continuing at the start of next year. They will have to rely on Peyton to win games against a much improved division.
  6. PatsWickedPissah

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    I think you're onto something here. Fisher is a good coach. Now he has a young QB who's a force. I see the Jagwads as better with Garrard as a full season QB.
  7. PatsMyBoyz!

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    OMG he's just sickening. Was he "Not trying to be a bad teammate but" this time too? :enranged:

    POSTED 7:56 p.m. EST, December 25, 2006


    With the Colts defense suddenly unable to stop a wagon with rusty wheels from rolling uphill against a stiff breeze, quarterback Peyton Manning is pulling his old "I'm trying to be a good teammate here" routine by throwing a not-so-subtle barb at the side of the ball charged with keeping the opponents from gaining yards and scoring points.

    After the Colts fell to the Steelers in the playoffs in January, Manning blamed "protection problems" for the relentless pass rush that disrupted his timing and limited his time.

    After the Colts' loss on Sunday, in which a ball-control, clock-chewing approach by the Texans kept the Indy offense to six possessions and 45 total plays, Manning bemoaned the fact that not enough of the team approached the game with a postseason mindset.

    "Maybe you have to be in this league and be in these playoff scenarios a couple of times to really understand," Manning said. "But I thought the veterans, we talked about playing with a sense of urgency, like we needed this game to get into the playoffs. That's how we prepared for it offensively.'' And although Bob Kravtiz of the Colts' P.R. department a/k/a the Indianapolis Star insists that Manning wasn't throwing the defense under the bus, the application of common sense and objectivity suggests otherwise.

    As one league insider responded, "Here we go again. Perhaps it's [Manning] being a pig and not allowing enough cap space for any defensive players , or perhaps it's the great Bill Polian not building it correctly, [spending] all the cash on offense. Great job of planning, Bill."

    The "pig" line is a reference to the fact that Manning hijacked the team a couple of years back on a cap-busting contract, which as a practical matter makes it harder to surround him with talent. Compounding matters are big-money deals given both to receiver Marvin Harrison and receiver Reggie Wayne.

    Though the Colts have tried to spend a little money on the other side of the ball, "squander" might be the more appropriate term, given the cash that was handed to defensive tackle Corey Simon, who has been a huge disappointment.

    The reality for the Colts? With the No. 3 seed, at best, becoming a serious reality, it likely will be another January without an AFC title -- especially since to get to Miami for the Super Bowl the Colts will have to win on the road at Baltimore or San Diego.

    Or both.

    We wonder who Manning will blame when 2006 becomes the latest NFL season to end in disappointment for him. If he's smart, he'll start with the large-headed mammal whose reflection he sees when brushing his teeth.
  8. PatsMyBoyz!

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    You could be totally right-interesting. The Jags definitely are a better team this year and the Colts are definitely a team in trouble,not only this year but down the road as well.They've made some bad decisions along the way,starting with overpaying for Payaton. And there's the fact Polian's a lunatic.
  9. scout

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    Just saw where they moved the Packers and Bears to prime time Sunday Nite.
    Cool, nothing I'd rather see then a team thats already clinched home field throughout the playoffs who will be resting its starters against a team which playoff scenario is Mission Impossible IV. Thats the best matchup of the day?
  10. workhorse

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    What this really does is not allow any of the top 4 to rest players since everyone (except SD) can move up if the team above them falls, but stays put if they win. It really impacts the Ravens and Chargers. Baltimore will not know what the Colts did and the Chargers will not know what the Ravens did.

    PMB that aritcle was written by a writer for the Indy Star named Bob Krapitz er Bob Kravitz. He is an idiot most of the time, that is what he gets paid for. Just FYI.
  11. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Gee, kind of like Payaton, er Peyton Manning, with his getting to be annual throw his teammates under the bus......
  12. workhorse

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    Are you telling me that Peyton was wrong? The Colts had a first round bye and they lost to the Texans for the first time ever and gave up a career high rushing total to Ron Dayne

    Here is the entire quote. For some reason PFT left out part.

    "I thought the veterans certainly knew what was at stake,'' Manning said after being informed Baltimore was rolling Pittsburgh. "I'm not sure about the young players, that they totally understand. Maybe you have to be in this league and be in these playoff scenarios a couple of times to really understand. But I thought the veterans, we talked about playing with a sense of urgency, like we needed this game to get into the playoffs. That's how we prepared for it offensively.''
  13. PatsFan37

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    Here's the best part, which wasn't in PFT:
    "It is what it is and we are what we are,'' Manning said. "It's not like basketball where guys can play both sides of the ball. You can only control when you're out there.''

    You're telling me that after a Pats loss, if the defense played poorly, Brady would stand up and say anything, anything at all, that implies that if he played on defense, the outcome would have been different. Would Brady ever say, "We did our job on offense, but we can't play both sides of the ball, so it is what it is."

    Brady and Manning may be personal friends, but Manning is no Brady.
  14. arrellbee

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    It's not about whether he's right or not. I know a lot of Indy fans are happy that Peyton has publicly spoken what they are frustrated about.

    However. The question is - can this possibly help the Colts for him to speak out ? Or does this kind of finger pointing have a potential effect on team chemistry. I know most Indy fans would say - 'of course not - the team needs somebody to call them out'. But in a situation where Indy seems to need to find a little extra edge, I have to wonder whether on balance it is more hurtful than helpful.

    One thing I think each fan should step back and ask themselves before they are so happy that Peyton called out the defense and young players. Suppose in your work enviroment you were the 'star' of a team of workers and your team came up short on some project. How do you think your fellow workers would regard you if you clearly said publicly that particular ones had not done their part ?? Think about it. Unless you are a big ego person, you would have to realize that there would be a lot of resentment and that maybe some folks would spite you in the future by not putting their full effort in to the project when you were going to get all of the glory anyway.

    Or, look at from the other side. Suppose you were part of a project team at your work and, again, the team came up short of a project. How would you feel if the 'leader' of the team came out and publicly said that you or your part of the team didn't try hard enough ??

    Interpersonal psychology gives a pretty clear answer. Such public finger pointing by someone causes all kinds of problems for future team performance.

    My personal impression is that Peyton is too wrapped up in himself to have a clue as to what his public comments could do to team chemistry and effort. And that even public commentary on his 'throwing his teammates under the bus' doesn't have an impact on his ego or awareness - in fact, even after the heavy media attention the last time over his throwing his OL under the bus, here he goes and does it again. I think the Colts team and the Indy fans would be better served for Peyton to keep his mouth shut. JMHO.
  15. moosekill

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    Year after year the Colts spend all of their money on offense then wonder why they can't win playoff games. Perhaps if Mr. Manning wasn't being paid so much the Colts could afford to pay for a better defense.

    Note to all of you Colt fans, the NFL has a salary cap, you can only pay your team a certain amount of money. If you spend it all on your offense, then you can't spend it on your defense. If you can't spend any money on your defense, then your defense WILL SUCK.

    Calling them out, throwing them under the bus, lighting a fire under their asses won't help. Until you actually spend money on the defense, your defense will continue to struggle.

    I will add this, if you take offensive players with your top picks in the draft, rather than defensive players, your defense will continue to SUCK.
  16. TomBrady'sGoat

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    sweet, with Balt being moved to 4 hopefully I can catch the Pats at 1. Maybe the excitement surrounding Vince Young will mean the local station chooses the Pats game.

    As for the Peyton stupidity, my brother's father-in-law was telling me how Manning is on another level than every QB (including Brady). I made the obvious contention that Manning deserves the crappy defense and should put up big stats due to the team spending most of its cap on offense. This was of course irrelevant; you can't blame the guy for his situation (crappy d) and he still puts up the stats and deserves the credit. He then goes on to tell me that Brady is propped up by his defense and the team would win with any good QB.

    Peyton fans will never get it, and usually won't be logical either. They'll even convince themselves the guy isn't funny looking (not that it matters, I'm just sick of Colts fans calling him handsome). The next time the guy acts as a good teammate or leader will be the first. On this Brady is his polar opposite and more clearly demonstrates Manning's deficiencies.
  17. workhorse

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    Arrellbee, I don't think the workplace comparison works here. Sporting events are different than business projects. Sports are public events for the world to see. A group of office workers don't perform for the world to see and rarely get called out like someone who plays sports. You would never see someone like Bobby Knight last in the business worls, so it's hard to compare the two. FWIW, I think that Peyton was calling out the young guys much more than the defense. He dirrectly refers to them. But his basketball comment, I think that's more to the point that he can't control what happens on defense, just what happens on offense.

    TBG, I have never heard anyone call Peyton handsom, but I don't knkow why that matters. Would it surprise you to know that both Manning and Brady mad about $8.5 million last season?
  18. FloridaPatsFan

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    Getting back to the original point of this thread.....

    The NFL is still doing everything it can to help the Colts. If the Pats lose, the Colts game will be meaningless. If the Pats win, then the Colts will have to play to win.

    Bottom line is, the Colts are benefited by getting the 4PM start.

    Even if the Pats win, you can guarentee that the NFL will not let the Colts lose on Sunday.

    My prediction for sunday: If the Pats win, the Colts will get all the right calls so that they win the game. The league will not allow the colts to lose against Miami.

    If the Pats lose, the Colts will keep the #3 see no matter what happens in thier game. Bill Belicheck is smart enough to know this. There is little chance you will see many starters in the game sunday.....He will try to win the game but knows ultimately that the NFL needs the Colts to make it to the AFC championship game.

    The NFL has invested too much in the COLTS/Manning this year to allow them to be a 1 and done team in the playoffs. Its ultimately about money in this business and multi-billion dollar industries cannot afford to chance it.
  19. workhorse

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    Please drop the conspiracy theory. The having 4:00 games does not allow the Chargers to know if the Ravens won and it does not allow the Ravens to know if the Colts won. While the Colts will know what the Pats have done, they will not know about the Ravens. The Colts are still playing for a 2 seed, but if the know the outcome of the Ravens' game, then they would know if they have something to play for or not. What this really does is keep the top 2 seeds from being able to rest players going into the the bye week.
  20. FloridaPatsFan

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    Workhorse, I've been watching the NFL for too long to not have reasonable suspicion that games are being called with full intentions of aiding a team to victory.

    Sometimes, the team that the league prefers to win cannot be helped when they are just flat out being beat. Your game with Pittsburgh last year is an example of that. The SB last year in itself was mother of all proof of the league assisting one team to victory.

    I think anyone who believes that the league doesn't care who's in or out of the biggest games is living in a dream world.

    If the league can get the Colts up to the #2 seed, then look for that to happen, unless, ofcourse, the Colts get slapped around by Miami enough that even the refs can't save 'em.

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