Article about the Greed of the NFL on both sides...

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    Short synopsis of one columnists view of the greed fo the NFL....

    NFL dispute is hard to fathom
    By Scott Bordow, Tribune Columnist
    March 7, 2006
    Labor disputes in professional sports are seldom understandable — they’re akin to two fat guys fighting over the last piece of pizza — but the NFL’s current squabble is particularly appalling.
    The NFL is the goose that laid the golden egg. According to Forbes magazine, all 32 teams made a profit in 2004. Even the Cardinals, with their antiquated stadium and poor attendance, had an operating income of $16.2 million after expenses, the magazine reported.
    You’ll rarely hear an NFL owner say he’s losing money. And if you do, he’s lying.
    The players are living off the money tree as well. The salary cap has increased from $34.6 million per team in 1994 to $85.5 million last season. The average salary in 2005 was $1.4 million, according to the NFL Players Association. That’s an 11 percent increase since 2003 and nearly double the average salary ($716,600) in 1995.
    Know many employees who have gotten a 100 percent raise in the last decade? I don’t.

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