Another Branch Article- Pat will lose?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mavfan2390, Aug 13, 2006.

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  2. BelichickFan

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    He and his fake smile can be as comitted as they want. The end result is still the loss of about $1M (as the fines will approximately equal the Week 11-16 salary he would get). And what happens in February ? He's Franchised or becomes a UFA under the exact same decision process whether he plays this year or not. He's literally giving away $1M.
  3. holyredeemer

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    Did anyone watch the Colbert report the other night and catch that episode with the author who wrote the book titled $40 Million dollar slave? Maybe Deion and his agent have been reading too many damn self empowerment books.
    Get in camp and shut up! You are under contract, HONOR it, and SHUT UP!
  4. BelichickFan

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    Hey, if he thinks the NFL is mistreating him he could always quit and get a real job. I'd love to see how that goes, Mr. Fake Smile.
  5. Willie55

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    Yep. I dont think he realizes how short an NFL career really is. Before he knows it, it will be time to hang them up and he will say where did my career go. And somebody will say, "remember that year you held out?" In 10 years he'll regret this move, and be $1,000,000.00 poorer.
  6. PonyExpress

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    This kind of talk about Deion's "fake smile" is what sometimes bothers me about committed fans, not just pats fans. It's like being a member of the communist party. When current events don't suit you you rearrange history. His smile suited me fine when he caught the 17 yard pass against Carolina, absorbed a major hit and hung on to the ball to set up the winning FG, and it suited me fine when he stole the ball away from sheldon Brown and saved Brady from throwing a game changing interception in the 2nd half of the SB against Philly, and it suited me fine when he waved goodbye to all those Steelers on his late TD run to ice the AFCCG, and I liked it plenty when he sat next to BB on the tonight show and was as respectful as I've ever seen a player act toward a coach on camera. I guess people are unaware that Deion has a very ill child and I don't blame him for trying to secure money for himself and his family at all. "Fake smile" Deion certainly has impressed our Offensive captain brady enough, who says he loves him. So don't go overboard with this anti-deion schtick.
  7. shmessy

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    Amen and well said. Never put the words "rational" and "fan" in the same sentence.
  8. Warren94

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    Well done PE.

    My question is what is fair?
  9. BelichickFan

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    I used to love his smile. Now I know it a bullsh!t facade.

    When he comes back will I root for him ? Of course, while he's on the Patriots. But I won't look at him the same way. He's not a sweet, innocent Deion I thought he was. He's just another calculating jerk of an athlete who I'll root for because of the logo on his helmet not the name on his back.
  10. MoLewisrocks

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    "That said, Branch has shown greater resolve than most people expected. He has racked up approximately $250,000 in fines for his holdout so far (if the Patriots choose to enforce the language of the collective bargaining agreement), but if Branch's holdout continues into the season, an NFL Players Association source said the union would likely advise him to show up for the final nine weeks.

    The real issue in this mess is what impact Branch's holdout will have on the Patriots. Specifically, how will it impact quarterback Tom Brady? "

    It would appear even NFLPA sources know Deion is baying at the Moon on this one. And if he shows up for the final nine weeks - hey we won a Superbowl that last time he did that.

    The key now is for Brady to simply resign himself to accepting the challenge of once again making a silk purse out of what may start out as a sows ear. He's done it before with less than half the running game/TE options this season would appear to be poised to offer.

    That he is being asked to do it without Givens is tough, but if either or the combination of Caldwell/Jackson can step up to just fill that void for even the first month of the season, with the expanded RB and TE weapons at Tom's disposal compared earlier seasons we should be fine. Provided of course some of the walking wounded return on D and/or BB finds the way to scheme this defense work so it ranks at least in the respectable top half of the percentile range overall.
  11. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Agree whole heartedly. Although I detest the business portion of the NFL, it is what it is, part of today's game. Players and management have to do what is best for each, and someone's one or the other has a myopic view of themselves.
  12. SVN

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    All the talk and report quoting "sources" is bogus. Until now i have heard only 1 person quoted that is branch's agent. So its difficult to imagine what branch is thinking or what the pats are thinking. These reporters just speculate and add fuel to the fire. They did that with seymour and said he would not stay with the pats and in the end it worked out okay. Last few yrs deion has been nothing but a respectful player even when talking to the media and i personally respect that. Unless he comes out and says publicly about wanting fair etc ...its all rhetoric like drew rosenhaus's act of screwing up TO further than he actually was.Just because reporters say there has been no contact between the parties doesnt mean its the gospel of truth.
  13. RoughingthePasser

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    The personal comments are out of frustration from the fans- everyones pissed. I understand the points being made about honoring the contract and returning NOW and then do your business LATER. I'm pissed too-we all are actually but Deion is not the bad guy. That's what "the man" wants you to think-

    We need to understand that our players take alot of risks and abuse-they don't last long in this league-but I'm sure Deion would like to remain a Pat. There's no doubt-I'm sure he's looking at what Givens got too.

    Fans also forget the importance of athletes to their family too. No joke-athletes usually support many people and do good things. Economically the rich are getting richer -jobs are being lost overseas-etc-it sucks. I've been cut/fired and underpaid before myself-it hurts.

    We all hope Deion gets paid or at least a reasonable deal is made-because I think his heart is in the right place-we need him and he needs us.

    Im looking forward to seeing a post that he's back-that will feel good.
  14. MoLewisrocks

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    The fake smile talk is a little over the top in my book too. But then I don't like the Vinatraitor stuff either.

    I had forgotten about his child until you mention him. Very sad case indeed. I think $19M would provide a lot of security for him. Maybe not as much as $40M but a lot more than $0 and risking ruining a career playing for $0 which is something he will have to do if he holds out to week 10.

    What bothers me most, and I'm sure this is at the root of most rational fans (and there are such creatures) anger is that Deion was totally disingenuous in addressing his situation prior to camp. He looked us all in the eye and said he would honor his contract. Then he proceeded to not show up for contractually mandated TC. So strike one against Deion is he's a liar. He also looked us in the eye and said he was totally overmatched in the SD game and was overwhelmed by the scheme they employed against him. Yet his agent has been instructed to settle for nothing less for him going forward than Reggie Wayne elite FA type money. So strike two against Deion is he lies about comprehending his own limitations. Strike three for me will be if he goes beyond his initial rumored threat to not report before September 2nd and carries this holdout into the regular season. And if he does that the longer it goes the closer he will come to being dead to me. And as rational a fan as I am you have to really f-up to get on my dead to me list.
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  15. fgssand

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    If indeed Deion or his agent are planting these stories about his resolve and need to be treated fairly - I wish they would give us a clue what "fair" means to him and what was so "insulting" about the previous offer.

    I will go on record right now as saying, after all is said and done ,with or without a new deal, you will see him back for Buffalo season opener.
  16. Willie55

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    Well who is? Deion is the one holding out. I know people will says it the agent, but Deion's a grown man and old enough to, and supposedly mature enough, to make decisions for himself. Hell, Watson did it as a rookie.
  17. spacecrime

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    Always remember that fan is a shorthand form of fanatic.

    But there is some logic about fake smile and sense of team or whatever regarding Deion.

    The argument that everything was fine before so therefore it should continue to be fine even though the situation has changed is flawed.

    At any rate, people are free to support Deion through this mess or not support him. For me, I will wait until the season starts. He was too fragile to paly last preseason, so it is likely he wouldn't be playing this preseason anyway. His holdout isn't affecting the team a single bit because he woukldn't be on the field anyway.

    If he is not back for the opening drive, then it will mean something. Until then what's the difference if he is holding out or not? Really.
  18. Willie55

    Willie55 In the Starting Line-Up

    He'd be practicing, re-establishing his timing w/Brady, getting in psynch with Caldwell. Even if he does come back the first week, he will be a month and a half behind everybody else. He is hurting the team.
  19. sarge

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    There are some who don't think Deion is genuine. And considering these quotes from Deion below, I think it is very obvious he is a liar

    Deion is not the person he pretends to be in the media.

    As far as bringing up his sick child, I think that was in pathetically poor bad taste on your part! Pathetic!

    As far as fans turning on players when they leave an orginization or are at odds with an organization which is what I believe you were getting at, I understand your point.

    But Branch has been very insincere in what he has said to the media.

    One moment he is commited to fulfilling his contract, the next "people just don't understand how serious he is about this holdout".

    He is a liar!
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  20. sarge

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    Again, see below comments originally from Deion Branch

    Considering how he completely misrepresented his intentions, I would say he is.

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