2006: New faces, but the dynasty continues

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    Spread this stat to all of those who believe "the Patriots are a different team than that which won XXXIX."

    For all intents and purposes, as the first play starters weren't exactly an accurate representation of the championship season as a whole, here were the Pats' starters for XXXIX:

    QB - Brady
    RB - Dillon
    RB - Faulk
    WR - Branch
    WR - Givens
    TE - Graham
    LT - Light
    LG - Andruzzi
    C - Koppen
    RG - Neal
    RT - Gorin

    LE - Seymour
    NT - Wilfork
    RE - Warren
    OLB - Colvin
    ILB - Bruschi
    ILB - Vrabel
    OLB - McGinest
    CB - Samuel
    CB - Gay
    FS - Wilson
    SS - Harrison

    Out of these 22 'starters,' 21 were on the Pats' 2005 squad (Andruzzi left).

    In 2005, more than half (13) of these 21 remaining 'starters' had one form of an injury or another. Some were season-ending (Harrison, Koppen, Light, Gay).

    For 2006, 19 of these 21 remaining players will be returning to the Patriots. Odds have it, most - if not even all - of these players will be healthy for the 2006 season.

    Add in 2005 and 2006 draftees Mankins (replacing Andruzzi), Kaczur (upgrading from Gorin), Hobbs (AND Gay = upgrade), Sanders (increasing role), Claridge (adds LB depth), Cassel (adds QB depth), Maroney (AND Dillon AND Faulk AND Pass = upgrade), Jackson (replaces Givens), Mills and Thomas (AND Graham AND Watson = significant upgrade, replaces Fauria and helps replace Givens/Dwight/Davis/Johnson with help of Caldwell), Gostkowski (potential to replace Vinatieri), Mincey (with help of Banta-Cain, Beisel, Claridge, Klecko, etc. helps LB position get MUCH younger), and O'Callghan/Stevenson/L.K. Smith/Andrews (add depth to lines and special teams)...

    This IS STILL a TOP-TIER team.

    'Nuff said.

    Spread the word.

    (Of course, this is still all on paper, but that's all we have to go on right now!)
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