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Nov 3, 2014
Jan 15, 2007
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On the Roster, from Indianapolis

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Nov 3, 2014
    1. JoeinIndy
      The price was $200 with $50 in food/drinks included - but we've lowered it to $100 with $25 in food/drinks included.

      Every other night besides Sunday there is a $25 charge however it applies 100% towards food/drinks.

      If you need parking for the RV I know of a place 4 blocks from the stadium that allows RV parking. Home Page

      We would love to host you guys.
    2. PatsFanForLife
      Hi JoeFromIndy,

      Good to see a fellow Pats fan down there. Me and about 8 or 9 or my friends are renting an RV for the trip down there. It is a 16 hour drive and we will arrive Sat PM probably around 10. We plan on going out that night and finding somewhere to watch the superbowl the next day also, specifically with Patriots fans. I wasn't sure if in your post you said the cover was going to be 200$ or 50$ ?? 50$ I know we could all swing but def not 200$. I know it is the time to make $, so if it is 200$ then I hope all the best.

      If it is 50$ then I would love to ask to "RSVP" if you will because this is the kind of place we were looking for. If it is 200$, maybe there is a possibility we work something out in advance. We are all restaurant people, all Pats fans, and we all drink and tip well. Either way, thanks for reading my long winded message and GO PATS!

      From Boston to Indy,
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