PHOTO: Tom Brady “The Only Way Is Through”

Robert Alvarez
February 8, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET

While it remains to be seen where quarterback Tom Brady will play in 2020, any leftover chance of retirement appears over.

On his Instagram account Friday, Brady shared a beach workout photograph with a caption counting down the weeks until kickoff.

“31 weeks until kickoff. That’s a lot of time to get better. #TheOnlyWayIsThrough”

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter told WEEI’s Greg Hill Morning show that Brady and the Patriots have no had contract discussions to this point.

“Not contractually. They haven’t had negotiations,” he said. “They haven’t sat down to have the conversation they need to have — ‘Hey, what do you want to do?’ I am sure they are talking generally. Yeah, I am sure. They were at the Super Bowl on Sunday together.”

Schefter also told WEEI he expects the Patriots will reach a resolution with Brady before free agency begins.

“I am just saying if you’re New England, you need to get that answer,” Schefter said. “You can’t repeat at quarterback what happened at tight end last year. At tight end last year Rob Gronkowski announces the eve of the owners meetings in late March he’s retiring. We were two weeks into free agency at that point in time. There’s no other suitable alternatives on the free agent market at tight end and New England really never filled the position all year long. They did the best they could, but there’s nobody like that.”

The Patriots could negotiate and resign Brady at any point between now and the start of free agency.

The rest of the NFL has to wait until the start of the legal tampering window at 11am on March 16th and ending at 2:59pm March 18th.