PHOTO: Rob Gronkowski “Forseeing That Future”

Robert Alvarez
May 8, 2018 at 10:13 pm ET

The offseason of Gronk continues with another “up for interpretation” social media posting this week.

On Monday afternoon, Gronk shared a picture of himself out hiking on an unknown mountain top somewhere with a caption that read “Forseeing that future.”

Is there some sort of deep inner message being sent out for Nicholas Cage to decipher?

Will certain talking heads point out that he’s standing next to a cliff? That was my first take.

Is it safe to hike shirtless?

Well, It’s more probable than not Gronk is just continuing his already eventful offseason with some good old fashioned outdoor workouts as he preps for his 2018 return.

Forseeing that future of many more Gronk spikes.

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